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Back in time spa
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Maggie was a average girl good gread is school and a good job, a sexy boytoy to play with, then one day maggie was going for daily run in the park, she was on her last lap arond the park and stoped at a taple selling rafale tickets she ask what will she win the lady told her all kinds of stuff like two ticket to a play dinner for two of your chousing up to $100 and the grand prize was a one mouth back in time spa. Maggie bout a book of tickets and was on her way not thinking anything about it she whent on her daily stuff, about two weeks later she got a phone call form the back in time spa Hi is this Maggie? Yes it is how can i help you? Well Maggie my name is Kate and i am with back in time spa you bout a rafale ticked two weeks ago and i wanted you to know that you won the grand prize a mouth with us back in time spa. Maggie was in aww i cant beleave i won ok when will it start? Well maggie you have 3 days to get your stuff in order and if you will please give your boss are number we can make shere that you will still have a job when your done here with us.that is fantastic i have some time off coming to me any was so i think it will work out for the best..
Maggie woke up on the 3rd day ready for her spa she was packing her last bag and was heading out the door when a wite limo pulled up out came a tall women with blond hair and a black sute walk up to maggie and held out her and hand maggie she ask yes maggie iam Kate we talk on the phone yes i remeber are you read for the best mounth you will ever have? here let me help you with that Kate grab one of the bags and led Maggie to the car. maggie got in and was giving a glass of wine with out thinking about it she was taking a dirnk one glasse became 2,2 became 3 and befor the made it to the spa maggie had drank a bottle of wine, filling a little tippsy maggie was helped out of the car and led to the main door of the spa she was in aww at how big the place was maggie if you will follow me we can get your in are sistome and get started with all we have in stored for you maggie sined the papper work and was led down the hall to the last door on the left on the door was pink flower that said baby girl in white the door opend and in side maggie jaw droped it was a babys room a crib, changing table, high chair play pin a wall full of diapers and bottles binkinys toys all for a baby girl but made for a adout maggie turned and was stop at once You cant do this to me i am not a baby. maggie was slaped in the face by kate now you lisson and lisson good baby girl you are now in my world you will be back in diapers and spanked everyday now lets get started. Maggie was led to thet changing table was undressing herselp when she was slap agen this time on her butt babys dont undress them self let mommy do it. Mommy maggie said you i am your mommy for the next 31 days and you are my baby girl arms up maggie was now standing there tears in her eyes shaking up you go baby lets get you in diaper befor you have a acident. maggie was layed on the table her hads were tied down and her legs spred open. ok maggie mommy has to do some cleaning befor we diaper you. tears rolling down her face screaming you cant do this to me. stop that now lets get you a binki kate gat a big pink binki put in maggies mouth and tied it aroud her head maggie was unable to say anything it all came out blaw goo blokw now thatis better mommy is going to shave your baby then giver a enama to get out the nasty out.

that is it for day one at the spa day two will be her beforyou know it  

day two at the back in the day spa

Maggie was all clean inside and out she was now apart of the spa she was now being fed a botle every two hr. and change every three hr. as the day two was starting maggie was filling week it was getting harder for her to move her arms and legs and holding her self up. them mommy came in and told her that she was being fed some new musle relaxers and she has drinking it for the last ten hr. mommy then told her that after 5 more fedding, she will not beable to walk or stand by herself, with a little pracktes she would beable to crawl and mommy cant wait to see her baby girl crawl, maggie was sad and started to cry tears rolled down her face. Mommy told it it would be ok and that tonight was the start of her training maggie was scared to ask what kind of training but she did. well when i putt my baby to bed tonight she will lesson to the souds of my vioce taking her back to when she was just a baby and by morning you no longer beable to talk like a big girl but only baby sounds now wont that be nice but dont warry baby mommy will teach you how to talk (can you say momma ) that maggie cried her self to sleep laying in her new room only in a diaper with a onesi and her hair in pigteals.

Day 3 at the spa

Maggie woke up crying mommy came in and ask is my baby hungry her lets get you a baba and then mommy will check you diaper. maggie stared to suck the nipple and was holding it with both hands mommy check and shere it was a wet and messy diaper. maggie just lay there sucking her baba as mommy chang her. maggie was done with her baba mommy lefted her up and patted her back and out came a loud burb and a little spit up good gril my maggie is mommy love you yes she dose. maggie smiled and kick her feet as mommy played and tickled her. maggie was all baby now not care in her mind.

day 7-15 will be here in no time tell then keep your diapers wet.
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Mina Silverwind
A good start, it has an interesting storyline, and promise as a potentailly great story in the end.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
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