Alice's Sleepover by NewbornBaby (PG)
Alice invite her friends to a sleepover... what will happen?
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Alice's Sleepover by NewbornBaby
Alice invite her friends to a sleepover... what will happen?
Characters  (Hypnosis or Mind Altering) - Rating  none - Chapters: 1
Published  09.01.07 - Completed: No

My first Story!

Alice, a normal high school girl, had many friends. She was normal in every way but one. Unlike the other girls she was into crossdressing boys and transgendered boys, but she kept this a secret. One day she decided to make all her boy friends into girls. She put together a plan to change them all into girls. She ordered feminization pills that changes a boys gender from an add she saw in a magazine. Then she bought girl clothes, enough for 5 girl closets. Then, lastly, she got the invitations for her friends ready.
The pills came two days earlier than expected but that didn't matter. The label on the container said,“Causes breasts to grow, penises to shrink to vagina and hairs to grow long, about 20 inches over night. Has no effects on females.
The day before the party Alice called all the girl friends she invited and told them about what she was going to do and asked for help. All of her friends volunteered to help her.
There were a total of 10 people there, 5 boys and 5 girls. The names for the boys were James, Daniel, Martin, Kevin and Billy. The girls names were Rachel, Claudia, Ana, Emily and lastly the host of the party, Alice.
The guests were coming one by one to Alice's house. They all brought sleeping bags and extra clothing for the next day. When everybody was here it was time for dinner. They all ate pizza for dinner since Alice's mom was away as well as her dad. Alice then gave out the pills to everyone, vitamin pills for girls and feminization pills to boys. After a couple of hours of watching television they went to sleep.
During the night the girls got up and stripped the boys of their clothes and put girls pajamas on them. Then they changed everything that was in the boys bags with girl clothes, the ones that Alice bought earlier.
They next morning the boys woke to find themselves not themselves. The girls acted like the boys were girls their whole life and called them by girl names. They called James, Jamie; Daniel, Daphne; Martin, Mary; Kevin, Katie and Billy, Betty.
The boys acted too but were very confused in mind.
The boys were able to act like girls through the day (they weren't actually acting, the pills made them become more feminine.) It was now night and the girls finally told them what was going on and told them the truth.
Alice gave them the choice of changing them back or staying a girl. The boys, now females, could only think like a girl and likes things that are for girls now. All the boys answered they want to stay a girl. (There were no antidotes anyways.)
Now happy Alice and her friends lived happily ever after.
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Great story please continue!
Baby Butch
That was good, even a fairy tale ending.
Mina Silverwind
that was a good story, I hope you have success in your future, and thanks for posting such a sweet story.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
Sissy Wanda C
Quick and to the point.
Good writting.Perhaps a longer or expanded version is called for. Thank you for your effort.
Bestest wishes.
Sissy Wanda C..
I loved this story. I think it's excellent!
Short but sweet.
that was a really great story
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