PG 13 How to be AB
A secret agent takes lessons on being a good baby
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Carissa paced nervously in front of the door.  Again and again she glanced out the window, both nervous and excited for his arrival. When would he be here?
A blue van pulled into the driveway. She stopped pacing and stared. A tall man, well built with black hair climbed out of the drivers seat. He was wearing black pants and a dark collared shirt and carried a duffle bag. He was here.

He approached the door. Carissa glanced down at her outfit. She wore a short pink skirt and a t-shirt with flowers on it. She hoped it would be infantile enough. 
Carissa was an undercover police officer, who worked from time to time as a spy with several less than regular organizations.. Her short stature and slight build, combined with a babyish face with innocent blue eyes and curly blond hair made here the perfect candidate for her next mission. She had to get on the good side of a particular drug dealer with an interesting twist. That twist was that he was a known abdl enthusiast, and ran several day cares where he played ˜games with visitors (how willing they were was uncertain) and kept a close group of his favorite babies around him. Carissa had never heard of this behaviour before, and had hired a friend¦ well, an aquatints¦ to help.

The man knocked on the door, and Sarah opened nervously. He¦ hello Brandon, she said thank you for coming.

He smiled at her and pinched her cheek like a child, making her blush. Hello Cari. Its my pleasure. Im glad you came to your senses and called me. I think your cover story about spy work is hilarious by the way. He strode into the house and set down his bag. Now, lets get started immediately. I trust you followed my instructions?

She blushed and went to the table behind her. She picked up a package and handed it to him, shaking as she did. He studied the package and frowned.

Really? Depends?

You said to get diapers. Isnt this what you meant?

Brandon sighed. Cari, read this package. He pointed at the words adult protective underwear on the bag. Are you an adult? She stared at him with eyes wide, uncertain of what to say. He answered for her. No, you are not. You are a little baby. You dont need protective underwear, you need baby diapers. You would leak right through these and you should know that.

Carissa laughed  Well its not like Ill actually be using them, right? Its just for show.
Brandon stared at her in disbelief.

Isnt it? Carissa asked quietly.

Did you do any research into this at all?

ummm¦well I¦

Really? What are the most popular brands of abdl diapers? What is a sissy baby? What are the best known sites? What is FTT and who is Robbie? Did I not tell you to learn everything you could?

Im sorry sir.

Alright alirght¦ First of all, its ˜Daddy, 

not sir. Second of all it is fine, I thought you might do this and came prepared. But I cant let this go unpunished. Pull down your pants.

WHAT? I¦ uhh¦ Carissa realized this was inevitable, and took down her jeans. Brandon examined her bright red underwear.

These are far to mature for you. Brandon grabbed a pair of scissors and cut them off, making her gasp. Here is what is going to happen. First, start sucking your thumb. Carissa obeyed quickly, at least that she had expected. You will stand in your room with your pants down, facing the corner and sucking your thumb. I need to get some things ready. You will wait there for your spanking and not move. Go!
Carissa waddled off as fast as the pants around her ankles would allow, wondering if he was serious about spanking her.  She stood facing the wall, afraid to move. Minutes passed by slowly as she wondered what was going on. What was he going to make her wear, if not the depends? She sucked her thumb nervously, uncertain if he was even doing anything or just waiting to see if she would disobey him. She was answered when she heard a quiet good girl behind her. How had he snuck up on her like that? A few more minutes passed.

Finnally he entered the room with his bag, took her by her free hand and turned her around. He sat down on her bed and patted his lap. Now, on my knee. Carissa turned to sit on his lap like she imagined a baby doing, still sucking her thumb. No no silly girl, you havent earned that privilege yet. Brandon grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her to her side, then pulled her stomach down over his lap. Carissa realized her bare bottom was in the air, waiting for a spanking.

SMACK! The first blow shocked Carissa, ending her train of thought. SMACK! OW! She hadnt realized he would be spanking her this hard. SMACK! She began to whine with each blow as more and more landed. Wasnt this supposed to be a game? People went through this WILLINGLY? Though, despite herself, she had always fantasized about being spanked by a strong, confident man¦ NO! She shook the thought from her head as he continued to spank her. This was just training. Very exotic training.
Finally he finished and sat her on the floor. She winced and wiggled on her stinging backside. You seem to have enjoyed that much more then you were supposed to, baby girl. Carissa blushed. No issue, I supposed it will help you later. Now lie down and let me dress you more appropriately. 

He reached into his bag, taking out a package. He tore it open and took out the most infantile garment she had ever seen. Not only was it clearly a diaper, with one tape on each side, but it was covered in wavy blue lines and childish pictures. Where had he gotten it? He lay it under her bottom and placed an extra pad on it, making it thicker. He poured baby powder all over her and taped the diaper around her waist. It was soft, very thick, and crinkled loudly. It hugged her backside and thighs tightly and forced her legs apart. It was exactly what she thought a baby diaper would feel like. These are ABU Cushies. Many ABs like them for their cute designs, though they arent as thick as some of the others. Also popular are bambinos, which are thicker but have less printing, and attends. You will be trying each one.

He picked her up by the shoulders and stood her on her feet. Arms up, he commanded, and she obeyed. He took off her t shirt and pulled a pink onsie over her head, buttoning the flap under her diapered butt. He put a pacifier in her mouth. Online you will find plenty of abdl clothing, including onsies, footed pajamas, and cute t shirts. Next time I come I expect you to have a full wardrobe. Remember that bright colours, baby blue, and most of all pink are popular.
Pink? I thought a lot of them were men¦

Hahha you really have a lot to learn. Pink is especially popular with males. Now, come with me. He led her by the hand to her clothing drawers. She noticed how the bulk between her legs made her waddle like a toddler. 

He opened her under ware drawer and handed her a garbage bag. Now, put all of your big girl undies in here. You wont be needing them anymore.

What? No!

Brandon simply pushed her into a bent over position and raised his hand behind her, ready to spank. Carissa was soon apologizing and begging to do as he asked. She threw all her underwear into the bag. He began handing her diapers which she stacked in their place, pouting the entire time. The first were just like the one she was wearing, Cushies, she thought. She then put in diapers with baby written continuously across the front, some with teddy bears, some with blue designs, plain white ones, and finally ones with pink designs. Each stack made her pout even more as she realized she would have to try them all.

Once they were all packed away, he led her to the front door and put pink booties on her feet. Now, take that bag to the dumpster down the street and through it out. When you are back we will begin.

WHAT? NO! We agreed nothing outside! I want to keep this private. She whined, glancing at her outfit. Her diaper clearly bulged behind her, and a nearby mirror revealed the words I need my Pampers written across the chest of her onesie. If anyone saw she would never live this down.

AND we also agreed you would buy your own diapers and outfits, than learn as much as you could without me. Consider this punishment. And if you get into this group, they will see you anyways, right? Might as well get used to it.

Carissa bite her bottom lip. She couldnt argue with his logic, or his spanking hand. She grabbed the bag and waddled out the door, nervously glancing down the road. Youd better hurry if you dont want to be seen! Brandon said as he smacked her diapered bottom hard to send her on her way. He shut the door and locked it. 

Carissa ran down the road as quickly as she could. Each step made her diaper crinkle loudly and rub against her. The extra padding made running normally difficult and she stumbled several times as she waddle-ran along the street. Had the dumpster always been that far? She tried not to even glance at the nearby lawns and houses, not even wanting to know if she was seen. Luckily, the area she lived in was largely wooded, and she didnt think she had been seen. She arrived at the dumpster and threw in the bag, along with her adulthood. She hoped she could pick it up again later when Brandon had left. She ran back to her house and arrived out of breath to see Brandon waiting at the front door.

Well that was a cute display. Its fun to see you try to run when you cant even walk without waddling. Now come in and Ill tell you the rules. Mercifully, he let her in the front door and closed it behind her. Alright, first and for most you will at all times wear a diaper. If you are in public you may wear big girl clothes over it to hide it as best you can, but in private I want it to be visible or worn with baby clothes, like your cute onesie. You are to use your diapers for all their intended purposes, and yes, I mean all of them. The toilet is off limits. When you mess or wet your diaper, you will wait patiently until I check your diaper and decide you need a change. If you try to beg or argue for a change I will refuse and you will sit in your own mess for a few hours. You cannot walk on your own, and must crawl unless I am there to hold your hand. If your pacifier is in your mouth you will not speak, and point to it if you want to say something. If I let you talk you will do your best impression of a babys voice and call me daddy. You will do your best to behave like a child at all times. Finnally, you will do everything I say when I say it. Any refusal will result in spankings, mouth soapings, time outs, or one of a hundred other punishments I am aching to try on you. Understood?

Yes sir¦ I mean¦ Wes, daddy. Carissa responded.

Good baby. Now lets get you feed. Follow me. Carissa crawled behind him as he walked into the kitchen, where earlier she had set up a high chair she found at a garage sale. She hoped Brandon noticed, at least she did one thing right. Brandon picked her up and sat her in the chair, making her diaper crinkle. She had to admit the padding underneath her made a comfortable seat for her sore butt.
Brandon placed a bottle of milk and a bowl of porridge in front of her. As they had agreed earlier, she hadnt eaten breakfast yet, and was very hungry. thanks Bran¦ uhh.. tank oo daddy! I wike porridge. She said as she reached for a spoon.

Haha you say that as if you have a choice. Now put your hand down and open your mouth like a good baby. Brandon took the spoon out of her hand and began to feed her, making train noises as he did. Carissa blushed and ate what he fed her. Soon he moved from the porridge to the milk. She drank greedily and finished quickly. She licked her lips. There was a strange taste in her mouth.

uhhh¦ daddy? Wha oo put in the boddle? It tastes funny¦ 

Well, if you had been a good baby and did your research you would know. Youll figure it out soon anyway. Now, its time for you to work. To her surprise, Brandon placed a laptop in front of her. I already have some sites open for you. ABDLVID, Daily Diapers, Diapered Online, youll find quite a bit on Deviant Art. First, you will answer these questions. He handed her a sheet with questions about diaper brands, writers, clothing, and more. Tonight you will write me a story with everything you learned, and if I dont like it, Ill be posting pictures of you in your outfit on facebook.

Carissa gaped at him. He couldnt do that! She tried to protest, but Brandon stuck a pacifier in her mouth, silencing her. She remembered what he said about talking. Reluctantly, she looked through as many sites as she could. Diapers¦ more diapers¦ messing¦ one guy in a dress¦ some (admittedly cute) comics and drawings¦ a lot of ropes and spankings¦ more diapers and messing¦ She never realized the number of things people tried. 

After half an hour, she began to feel a pressure building in her stomach. She didnt worry, it was nothing. Soon though, it began to get unbearable. Suddenly she realized what had been in the milk. That bastard! He had given her laxatives! She began to sweat. She couldnt hold it much longer. Should she use her diaper? It was unthinkable. She wasnt ready for that yet. She glanced around desperately. 

Brandon was nowhere to be seen. There was a clear root to the bathroom. 
Her mind made up, Carissa slowly unlatched the top of her high chair and climbed down. Her soft booties made walking quietly easy. She sneaked carefully to the bathroom and opened the door. In the clear! She began to close the door behind her. 

Suddenly she felt hand on her arm. Going somewhere? Brandon asked. She could only yelp as he bent her over and gave her a series of sharp smacks. For the second time that day, she was getting spanked. Brandon finishes quickly pulled her by the hand back to the kitchen. He reached into his bad and took out a strange bar and some rope. Bend over! He commanded. She obeyed quickly.

One of the most commonly related fetishes to abdl is bondage. I think know is a good time to try it, dont you? She could only groan he split the bar in two and put it over her head. She realized it was a portable stock. He tied it to the table, leaving her in an uncomfortable bent over position with her arms held over her head. He attached another bar to her ankles, forcing them apart and tied her pacifier into her mouth.

Next, he undid the flap on her onesie and produced a large paddle. She stared in horror at it. Alright baby, since you didnt want to use your diaper on your own, Ill have to make it. Until you fill your pampers like a good girl, I will keep spanking you. She tried to struggle against the bonds, but gave up as soon as the paddle struck her bottom. Even through the padding, it hurt. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He kept spanking her as she squirmed. Soon her eyes were tearing up. It hurt, but could she really mess herself? Right now, she just wanted the spanking to stop.

Putting her own well-being above her dignity, she began to push into her bowels. The pressure had been building for a while, and it came out quickly. The mess erupted into her diaper, leaving a slimy mess which coated her bottom. After a few more smacks, the paddle stopped coming down. Carissa whimpered quietly behind the pacifier, her shame, her sore bottom, and the feeling of the mess becoming unbearable.

Theres a good baby! Whos a good stinky girl? He tickled her under her ribs, making her laugh despite her humiliation. Do you know why being stinky makes you a good girl? When you mess, it proves that you are really a little baby, depended on your diapers and your daddy. Isnt that right stinky girl? He tapped her nose.
Brandon unlocked her and sat her back in the high chair with a squish. This time, however, he tied her waist and ankles in place. She squirmed miserably in her own mess. The smell already reached her nose, and was getting worse. More than anything, she wanted to be out of her dirty diaper, even if it meant getting changed by Brandon.

This, however, didnt seem to be an option. However, since you were such a bad baby earlier, I think a few hours in a messy diaper will do you some good. Until you can answer those questions I gave you, you will stay locked in that high chair. You should get used to being in a dirty diaper anyway. Have fun being stinky!

Carissa pouted and got to work. She read and wrote as quickly as she could, desperate to get away from the growing stench and itch from the mess on her bottom. Even worse, she could feel the pressure growing in her stomach again, and it grumbled ominously. It occurred to her that the laxatives would make her mess again before she was done. 

After two hours, and about as many messes, she was finally finished. Where was Brandon? She looked around desperately. He promised he would change her! A few minutes later he walked in and Carissa pointed to her pacifier. He took it out of her mouth so she could speak.

Daddy! I finish da questions yike a goo baby!

Yes I can see that! Good girl! Now lets get you into a clean diaper He ruffled Carissas hair, making her smile despite herself.

He untied her and picked her up out of the high chair. This time he carried her with one hand under her bottom, rubbing and squishing the load in her diaper as he walked. He took her to the bathroom and lay her down on a mat. He left and returned a minute later with baby wipes, powder, and a diaper. This one was mainly white with baby written across the front, as she had seen earlier.

Now the diaper change is important for babies like you. Like when you messed earlier, it proves you really are a baby and that you need your daddy. You are so helpless without me, you cant even control the most basic things. Ill be changing you into a bambino by the way, you should learn to recognize them. Now open your legs! 

Carissa obeyed, and he untapped and removed her diaper. She blushed, she hadnt be certain how much of this Brandon was going to do. She guess he really did mean to change her like a baby. She moaned as he cleaned her aching and itchy bottom with baby wipes, the coldness soothing her. When she was clean, he re-diapered her and did her onesie back up.

Alright my cute little baby. Does that feel better? Do you feel better getting out of that messy diaper? You certainly smell better. Dont you? Yes you do! He tickled her under the ribs again, and she laughed as he made fun of her.

Alright sweetie, it is play time now. Do you have baby toys? She shook her head. 

Thought not. Youll have to get some. Here, I brought you a teddy bear and some blocks. Have fun! He led her to the living room and handed her the toys. She sat down and began playing; piling the blocks up and making the bear knock them over. It was odd, but surprisingly comforting. She realized with a blush she was having fun. Maybe her new job wouldnt be so bad after all.
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i like it a lot more please thank you 
This could really be epic. I see lots of chapters on her training, then her actual mission, then perhaps other missions, where she may need to train other baby spies or where she needs to be an undercover mommy. This story had tremendous potential as a never ending series.
        Alyssa Dee ... Once upon a time, an evil witch turned an ugly prince into a frog. Then came a Good Mommy Witch who kissed the frog and turned him into her Beautiful Baby Princess, and they lived Happily Ever After. 
I am planning a section where she infiltrates the abdl slave shot descibed in "Diapers and striaghtjakents" or "The Baby Slave"
so you may get your wish... :)
goodie goodie gum drops
        Alyssa Dee ... Once upon a time, an evil witch turned an ugly prince into a frog. Then came a Good Mommy Witch who kissed the frog and turned him into her Beautiful Baby Princess, and they lived Happily Ever After. 
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