PG What was your very first dress up day?
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What was your very first dress up day?, first time, Dolled Up
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 I'd love to know about that very special day when you finally got to be in a pretty girl's outfit. 

I had a sister that wanted to dress me up like a dolly at 5. I got soo lucky hehe. ^-^ Although I already knew I relate more with girls, and she may have picked up on that. She dressed me up in a very pretty white wedding flower girl dress made of satin & tulle. She wanted to show me off to mom & dad, but I got too shy. *giggles*
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well my first day of dresses up it good with my sister help and I when 17 year old at the time and you   
HI,,,, I am shamrock & I am a male ,,,,  I wear diapers and i love to be bandaged up from head to toe by student female nurses and student female nurses can diaper up like a baby girl too,,,,,,,,, THANK YOU ALL    
Baby Butch
Mine was long ago when I was about 5. I had no clean laundry after by bath so I was given panties and girls pajamas to wear. That was unusual I was usually put in a diaper before bedtime. I did not mind either one!
My sister did my make-up and went with me to a scenic (but secluded) spot for a photo shoot. She let me wear a sparkly gold dress.  She used my picture in a piece of art she did later. Though akward at times, it was a bonding moment between us.
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I was 8 when my aunt dressed me in my 5 year old couisin's  dress, panties and ankle socks and took me home and told my mom she caught me wearing everything. 
Dolled Up
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