Valentines day
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Valentines day is coming up soon!

Go to a womens clothing store (here in the UK I usually choose New Look) and buy a gift voucher. It doesn't have to be too expensive, £5 should do. I often buy a few £5 vouchers from different stores.

At home, in your most feminine handwriting, write a message in the corner, or top, of the vouchers.

Messages I have used are:

'Dear Graham, buy yourself something pretty. Love you K'
'Graham, treat yourself. Love Kate'
'Dear Graham, I love you in lace, surprise me. Kate' and I drew a smiley face.

Then the week after valentines day go spend the vouchers and buy yourself feminine items of clothing. I usually buy panties.

It's sooo humiliating, but sooo much fun. Remember, go to a town far away from where you live!!!
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That sounds like fun and a great Idea!!!

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Ooh so cute and clever. I like to go shopping with my sissy friends and we start out browsing like the clothes are for me then I take them over to a mirror and hold everything up against them to see if it'll fit, we always get lots of looks from other shoppers and staff especially if it its lingerie or really girly clothes! New Look is good for trying on shoes if you can find your size, I love to get my friends to totter up and down in high heels  
Little girls are just giggles you can hug!

I want to be your Nanny! Now be good and do as I say...

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