What is a sissy kiss?
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Just for gigglies, describe your perfect "Sissy Kiss". Can be any type...from innocent mummy kisses to .. well, I blush just thinking about it. Reality and fantasy are both welcome.

*Giggles in anticipation*

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A sissy kiss is when I can be totally soft and dainty in a boy's arms as he holds me ever so close. I let my girly emotions shine in my eyes, and I can see that he wants to taste my cherry-sweet lipstick. His handsome face moves ever so close to mine, and I can feel my heart leap. I feel his warm breath on my lips, and my eyelashes naturally flutter closed. My arms slip up around his neck, and I cling tightly to him as his mouth covers my trembling lips in a tender, loving kiss.

My sissy kiss:
When mommy has dressed me, brushed my hair, puts my mary janes, brings me to school and then gives me this: Love you my little girl, see ya later kiss...
Would love it!
My sissy kiss is when I get myself ready as a sweet sissy. I begin by taking a shower and shave all that ugly hair off, smiling as my little boy goes down the drain. I especially love making my clitty area so smooth. I use lovely Dove soap to wash all over.

After drying off I rub a sweet lotion all over. Right now it is Victoria Secret 'Passion'. Then it is lovely 'Lily of the Valley' powder all over. I love that because my Mommy used that after her bath. I so love smelling sweet, precious, girly and sissy.

Then it's into nice pretty panties, bra, garter belt, stockings, baby doll lounger and pretty 3" sandals. My current bra I just love is a Timpa Duet Daisies Demi Cup bra. Mommy loves it too because her sissy doesn't have bit titties, just little flat titties.

Then Mommy lets sissy play with her sweet little clitty to get delicious cream that we can enjoy. Being a thweet thissy haqs been the best thing in my life.

hugs and kisses,
sissy becky
When daddy looks up from his very important papers he sees the prettiest lil babysissy doll in the whole world, standing before him blushing happily! He puts down his paper and smiles and babysissy twirls slowly around so he can admire her naked luscious thighs, skimpy lil nighty w pink ribbon trim, babydoll hi heels, just a touch of make-up, sweet perfume, ribbons in her long golden brown hair, her silky bare babybum peeking from under her tiny lil nighty. Then sissy notices daddy's robe tenting up so magnificently in front and she knows she's a goody good princess! She minces up close to him, kneels adoringly and when he folds back his robe, my oh my, it's sissy kiss time!
love & kisses to every sissy!

My idea of the perfect sissy kiss would be this: I come home from a hard day of work and am greeted by my sissy, dressed up in black mary janes, white tights and elbow-length gloves, frilly pink panties under a pink princess dress, with a cute bow tied in her hair. She quickly prances over to me and wraps her arms around my neck, and I wrap mine around her waist, resting warm hands on her rump. She giggles and stands on her toes, closing her eyes and puckering her lips. I lean down and give her a sweet smootch while she bends a leg behind her so her calf touches her skirt, and she finishes with a playful, lisping "Mmmwah! Hewwo Daddy!"
My idea of a perfect sissy kiss is to look so sweet and femminine in my prettiest dress! My sweet blue eyes shining,almost in tears as my sweet mommie or daddie becomes so aroused they can not resist my sissy charms. A sissy kiss is me pleasing someone special!! 
An expression of non-romantic sacharine-sweet affection from someone unbelevably cute and dressed accordingly.
Little boy blue come blow your horn.
The sheep's in the meadow the cow's in the corn!
And where is the boy who looks after the sheep?
SHE's under a haystack diapered neat!
Little boy pink come make a wish
The stars in the sky send you their kiss
As you dream of a world so happy and free
Warm in thick diapers being rocked fast asleep!
-By Funshine Bear.
Holding hands with your playmate, both of you wearing diapers, dresses and lots of lipstick and then being told by your mummys to kiss. Must be lots of tounge and general sloppiness.

Or, similiarly, the last paragraph of chapter 5 : http://www.sissykiss.com/showthread.php?t=2958
my perfect sissy kiss would be if i was wearing some huge disposable diapers, which are covered by frilly pink rhumba panties. then Id put on a pink corset, which fits me perfectly. after that, id put on some thigh high hose, using the clips on the corset to hold them up. i would then put on some high heeled pumps. then, I would put on the most beautiful pink, frilly dress imaginable. putting makeup on would be next, with all the essentials, eyeshadow, lipstick, etc. finally, i would put on a wig of long, slightly curly blond hair. my wife would walk in, wearing the same things, and she would embrace me, and give me a long passionate kiss.

if i could have that sissy kiss, ill be a very happy little sissy    .
a website...

also something I dream of lol
truth is beauty

 Just for gigglies, describe your perfect "Sissy Kiss".  

Me kissing you.

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