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Twas the night after thanksgiving and all through the house a sissy was busy decorateing her house.

when she was done she begain to stare at all the pretty sissy things she had decorated for christmas.

As she thought about how it looked she then got sad and she had a very sad look tears rolling down her cheeks as she started to think that santa would not even give her or any sissy even a wink.

As she thought she suddenly decided that there was more in the world than good little boys and girls .
for she was sissy through and through and santa not once visted her nor any of her sissy friends.

the sweet little sissy went to the computer to compose a letter and let santa know Sissy where here that sissy's deserve a chirstmas too.

once she was done her tears began to fall again as she hoped the letter was not mean and recived well.

she then clicked send in hopes of it being read she thought and wondered what else she could do.

A elf ran from the computer to santa and should him the e-mail note .

As he read it a tear fell from his eye and said aloud this sissy is right but oh what to do there is so much to be done and thats just for the good little girls and boys.

What Am I to do if I take this task I need a sissy santa is what the sissy's need some one who cares about what they need some one whos is a sissy a sissy indeeed.

Santa sat and thought as what to do then he had a brillent idea.

There was a knock at the door and the sweet little sissy anwsered and who stood there but santa in front of sissy.

I recived your note and I do care but im so over worked I need some one to help.

I need a sissy to take on the job a sissy fairy santa is what all sissy's needed .

someo ne who knows what a sissy needs and some one to look up too and that some one is you .

the sweet little sissy did not know what to do she was excited to just see santa.

Santa took her outside and behold what did she see but a pink sleigh and eight tiny raindeer.

he told the sweet little sissy you get to name them all give them sweet sissy names so all sissy's will know.

so she looked at the first two who were doe's she thought for second then she smiled.

you two or called silk and satin thats what I will name you.

she then looked at the next two which makes four she looked at them and said you two are sweety and candy she then had four named and thats what she had done so far

she saw the next which made six dolly and molly where named the finaly two she needed to name and she looked and thoguht and named one mary jane the other she thought and thought then it came to her. baby doll.

Santa then gave her a few big boxes and told her to get dressed with what was with in.

when she came out she had a pink santa hat and a pink fur lined coat it was poofed out from the peti coats from the dress which was underneath the dress was all red trimed with green her boots where gold to ad to the christmas scene .

Santa sat her in the sleigh and patted the first rain deer and said home and away they went.

she arrived at a little pink workshop with sissy elves who were already working as hard as they could for they had a lot to do in less than a month so she was cold she she went inside and there to her surprise she saw a feast but she knew she needed only a few things to eat after all she needs to keep her cute sissy body for all to see.

So now if you wonder where that dress came from under the tree it was the sissy fairy santa who is real indeed.
the end
well hope you liked my christmas tale

HUggs and kiss's

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I do hope all you sissy's enjoyed this it was done in a hurry so please leave a comment good or bad


 HUggs and Kiss's
It's a cute story, I love the idea. Was wondering if I could PM you about it? Amanda
"The Flowers of Friendship "
By Jennifer Funshine

~ Written For Amanda ~

A gentle butterfly flutters by her window
The subtle breeze kisses her cheek tenderly
Only Heaven can hear the words she whispers
Only angels have seen the color of her dreams

There's a special memory kept within a locket
Next to the ivory music chest upon her dresser
When that ballerina dances, Amanda remembers
How those dreams gave her the strength to be free

And believe...
In the flowers of friendship
Camellia, jasmine and daisy chains
And in my heart is sown only one wish
That she know the gift of love, unashamed

At it's core this earth we adore is loveless
People's compassion always plays hide and seek
Still, Amanda stands before these foolish judges
And with every word she expresses in her speech
The garden of her soul grows even more vibrantly

Rain like tears of joy descend upon supple twilight
Starry sky painted with majestic hues of rose-violet
Adorned in pink satin panties and tangerine sun dress
Amanda lovingly tends to her garden, full of happiness

So full of happiness...
In the flowers of friendship
Marigold, delphiniums and sage
Her love unfolds through the ages
She knows every one by their names.
With Much Love
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