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my first holy communion dress (and veil)
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I remember wearing a cloth diaper, pins, rubber pants, petticoats, a communion dress & veil as a young child. I also had lacy sissy socks and white patent leather strapped shoes.  The whole town came to see me with boys looking up my dress making comments. I was the town sissy from then on. My mother & father insisted on it as part of my toilet training. I was never trained.
@ nylontoni
  toni:  Wen I was very young I was playing with a girl on my street.  we went up to her room and she decided to pay dress-up with me.  She pulled  her Communion Dress out of the closet and put it on me.  That was the moment I was HOOKED!!!  The year was 1958.  I am here wearing a dress as like that one as memory and want can make it...  I so love to wear this..  only I wear it with double chiffon rhumba panties, not diapers.  I target being a BIG girl!  :)
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