XXX A pretty new dress has arrived
Getting changed by the babysitter into a pretty out fit to show mommy
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A pretty new dress has arrived  - Getting changed by the babysitter into a pretty out fit to show mommy, So pretty, Adult Babies
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A pretty pink dress and matching ruffle baby panties has arrived in the mail today  that mommy orderd online even though she is not back from her romantic holiday with her boyfriend my baby sitter wants to put me into it right away and then she can send mommy and her boyfriend some photos of mes wearing it in my room i have no say as she checks the nappy saying its a little damp so she will change it first  just look at these ruffle panties lift up your pink princess t shirt and step in  so i can slide them up over your nappy then lift your arms and sit up so i can get the dress on princess and no crying and i might unlock your little clitty for 10 minutes before bed this dress is going to come just to the top of your nappied botton i just cant wait to send your mommy the photos you are the prettiest pink princess on the block  
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Baby Butch
Lovely new dress and ruffle panties Bell. No doubt that diaper is needed in case of accidents. Be a good sissybaby for your babysitter. 
@ Baby Butch
  mes trying she has me in nappies during the day because she says its alot easier than the pullup at this stage but when i think i hafta go poos mes tell her and she takes off my nappy then when mes finisht i hafta come back to the nursery changing table so she can put the nappy back on then pulling mes dress back down coming down so the bottom of the nappy is still peeking out   
That is a lovely dress you lucky sissy. You will look very cute in it with your frilly baby pants   covering your nappy  
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