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All PG 13 Please Expose Me
Sissy Gordon Bartley from Toronto
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Please Expose Me - Sissy Gordon Bartley from Toronto, sissy,gay,toronto,crossdresser,expose,exposed,slut, Feminization,Masterbation,Dominating Mistress Or Master,Mind Altering,Sissy Fashion,Increased Sexuality,Dared Or Bets,Anal Sex,Bondage
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Gordon Bartley from Toronto. I went to H.J Alexander C.R Marchant and Weston C.I

I am a 19Year Old Crossdressing Sissy ****** for Alpha Men and Dominant Women. I'm still a closet sissy, but I have finally realized that I am not a real man. All I want is to be a fucktoy for groups of men. I want huge strong men with big hard cocks to totally use, stretch and pound my sissy pussy so I will never be able to turn back. I am nothing but a little beta cum dump. I am only here to serve real Alpha Males.
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