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 I used to wear diapers for fun. Now it's becoming more out of necessity
I'm an OTR Trucker. I drive up to 8 hours a day without stopping.  I take a break and change and drive a couple more hours. I can't hold it like i used to and it hurts if i try. I wore diapers for back up. Now i just go ahead and wet my diapers and why not.  I've tried many different brands and the ones I've posted here hold the best.  The one pic is sideways i tried to fix it but no luck .
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Baby Puss
Embrace the diapers! And be sure your air ride is adjusted properly! 😉 
I love your dress very pretty. Enjoy your driving and wetting your nappies   
Baby Butch
Great idea and it makes sense driving for long periods. I have been wondering what diaper you wear in your pictures. Looks like you are using Better Dry. Very colorful outfit you have on!
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