PG Lost luggage, Luggage Mix up pt 3
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Lost luggage, Luggage Mix up pt 3, Sissy Fashion,Diaper Lovers
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   "Me again. Yes still on the island and yes still in diapers and girly outfits. I am kinda getting used to it, even though it has only been a week. Mom and Sis made sure EVERYONE on this dang island has seen me as a girl, and so I guess I have to stay a girl......sigh........a little diapered girl.........sigh. Here I am on the way to the store to get some fresh produce for supper, In have to be careful or the wind will blow up my skirt and show off my thick diaper and yes rumba panties!! Mom is really in her element, and my sister is over the moon, they are fussing over me all the time now.........I dunno if I am ever getting off this island. Will I ever get to dress as a boy again?
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at least he looks happy as a sissy little girl and really would love to see the ruffled panties
I love those too, I always wear rumba panties over my diapers :)
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