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PG a long long day
Humiliation part One
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a long long day - Humiliation     part One, lil sissie's pics, Adult Babies,Thumb Sucking,Feminization,Diaper Lovers,Bad Boy To Good Girl,Dolled Up
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This is how Mommy dressed me this morning. Wasn't what I wanted to wear but She said its what I'm wearing and like it.
She had this funny smile on Her face .so I played with my dolly when the door bell rang. Mommy went and answered the door . OOOHHHHH NNNOOOOO it was Her lady Friends She had invited them for lunch . I started to run for the bedroom when Mommy grabbed me. She stuck my binkie in my mouth so I couldn't protest and held me tight so I couldn't get away. She invited the Ladies in . They all came over to see me smiling and pinching my cheeks till my cheeks were red. So here I was in the middle of all these women dressed like this . I was told to keep my binkie in my mouth and don't take it out til told too. I was so embarrassed . Ever so often I would feel my dress being lifted up and a hand sliding down inside my diaper to see if I was wet.
 I feed so many bottles  some of milk and some of water I think it was about six of each . I felt like I was about to explode .  Every so often I would feel some one pat my bum .
Some kept tickling me . I needed to pee soooooooo bad .
Then one of the Ladies put me on Her lap a started to bottle feed me again. 
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 Wonderful Humiliation!
 Lovely wonderful satin, so slippery and girly! You are a picture of beauty holding your dolly! Sweet sissy thoughts XXOOO
I don't know how I'd feel like I  had no choice but to be baby girl....
Baby Butch
Sounds like a long and embarrassing day! The outfit is very nice with the shiny pink material. Like the matching diaper cover and dolly!
Lovely outfit. I think you had nice fun day but humiliating  
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