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Me. Being the goofball that I am exploring different eyes for my mask. Since I haven't figured out how to apply eye lashes yet to silicone. I might just draw them on.  
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Baby Mac
Please post more Jezz i miss that evil thing.
Baby Jasmine
@ Baby Mac
  I probably won't be using jezz. Too difficult. Time consuming. Id be willing to give her to you. Because you seem obsessed with her lol. If you live in the US perhaps I could ship her to you. Don't give the address here. Send me a PM . A PO Box perhaps  it even like a Walgreens. Fed Ex  uses Walgreens . It I should say Walgreens uses Fed Ex any how maybe we can figure something out.
Baby Mac
@ JamieTVDoll
  That is seriously disponing i was looking forward to what torments she could put you through. I live in the UK so i don't know if you can send it to me.
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