PG Getting ready for bed with babysitter natalie
Mommy comes in to say good night to belle
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Getting ready for bed with babysitter natalie - Mommy comes in to say good night to belle, Belles bed time , Adult Babies
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 Mommy is going out with her boyfriend for the night so natalie is babysitting tonight and while mommy is getting ready natalie is getting belle ready for bed   mommy and her boyfriend come into say good night and kisses belle on the forehead and cheek as she walks out the nursery mes try to get 1 last look at her sexy out fit but cant as i am lied back down and told to lift up as the the nappy is slid under my bottom as she continues getting mes ready for bed by saying i am allowed to stay up until 8pm if im a good girl it is nearly 730  natalie says we can watch a disney princess movie togetcher and it will help to take my mind off mommy and her new boyfriend while i have a bottle before bed 
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I like your princess nappy. I bet it is very wet by the morning     
@ sissybabysamantha2
  uaha mes can sleep soundly all night and go wewes at least twice and it doesent wake up  
Pink Princess Natalie
You are such a sweet princess, I look forward to when I can next babysit you sweetie. 
@ Pink Princess Natalie
  i think mommy is going to ask if you are free this weekend so she can have a romantic night away with her boyfriend mes will miss mommy so much when shes gone 
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