XXX The Fetish Club
A Guy Gets forced into something Sissy & PVC, and is taken to a Fetish Club
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I Do Not Own The Images. They are courtesy of Google Images Search Website. The only thing that belongs to me is the Image Alteration Technique Artwork and the caption.
Baby Butch
Slightly humorish caption and interesting story.  Mark Slone does look girlish as far as the legs go. It seems he likes the PVC outfit making Mark a sissy. I like the cappie!
@ Baby Butch
  Thank you Baby Butch, that was the idea, a humourus take on it, I was not sure if I had gotten that part right, I had to refine it a few times with altering the font and it's size in PaintNet, depending on the font, it actually can be done in a larger size, but in a way that, it somehow I can fit more text on a blank page with that, than what  I can do with any other program, but it is all dependent on the fonts natural size, like some can appear thicker/bigger, I hope you know what I mean?

Anyway, I'm not completely too sure if I hit the right mark with the humour, as my focus was unfortunately elsewhere, that and doing captions is not one of my best skills, but that's okay, because I have other useful skills that I am good at, with.

Yes, Mark really does seem to like his PVC Fetish outfit. And I thought it also be a good idea to use a Fetish Club for a good fun caption to do. It might not be a first, but that's okay, just glad I could do one, I have wanted to do one, but did not have at the time the image I wanted for that, then I found the one with that PVC outfit worn originally by a woman, of course, once I had that, I just neded a fetish scene to work with and the right guy that the outfit would work best for, I needed a guy not too muscular or too skinny, yes I like the slender legs, it makes the image alone on the guy, most amusing.

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