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This is my first and last story. I am basing this story on me and my girlfriend and my biggest fantasy. It is mainly fiction but not completely so see how it goes. I am not a good writer and only got a D in English at school but what the hell.
Hi my name is Phil I am 30yo and my long term girlfriend is Jan 27yo, we have been together for about 6 years and we have a fantastic relationship normal in every way other than I like to wear nappies. I would say I am mainly a DL with a hint of AB and sissy as I like to wear girlie nickers sometimes too. Now Jan knows all about this side of my character as I don’t own a pair of nickers which she hasn’t bought for me which makes our relationship a very special one. I also only wear them when I am around her as this really turns me on. All I can say is feeling embarrass and doing taboo things is a big turn on. Now all of this is true and I feel a truly lucky person to have such a wonderful person to spend the rest of my life with. I have wet a few time around her but nothing else. The only thing is my fantasies go much deeper than this and much naughtier and that is where the real story begins. I am sure you will have read loads of stories very similar but this is my fantasy so here goes my first and last story.
So there I was enjoying reading a story of one of my favourite websites before work and since it was my last day before a 2 week holiday I was in a very good spirits. It was about a man who had secretly been wearing nappies and baby clothes behind his wife’s back and got caught in the act, boy did she change his toileting habits, you can guess who wore the trouser it that house from then on lol. I am very much in to computers and technology and I really enjoy reading the stories of web sites such as Daily Diaper and Sissy Kiss. Jan on the other hand is just getting in to this computers and internet. As usual I had lost track of time leaving me on the last push so I rushed off to work and just closed my laptop lid without closing it down as it was quicker than shutting it down and restarting it all the time. The day went well and as it was quiet my boss let me get off early. I am very much in to computers and technology and I really enjoy reading the stories of web sites such as Daily Diaper and Sissy Kiss. As I walked down the path I knew Jan would be home as she had only been in to work for a few hours herself and she also had finished for a two week holiday. But what was strange was the curtains were closed. I would close them if I was getting up to something naughty but Jan never shut them, other than at night time of course. I opened the door and all was quiet, the living room door was closed and there was a note stuck to it saying "
CH 2

I opened the door and slowly walked through the door. “Ah hello baby I am very pleased you can do as you are told and I am sure you are very tired after a hard day at work so I think you had better come and lay down and let me look after you”. All sounding very good to me! She took my hand and led me in to the centre of the room and carefully guided me down so I laid exactly where she wanted me and to my joy I felt the obvious cushioning of a nappy against my bottom. My god is this happening to me I thought but couldn’t find any words to say, I was just grinning like a cat who had won a life time supply of cream. Next I felt cool wipes wiping all round my groins paying particular attention to the tip of my penis, which by now was throbbing like mad. Next came some very cold lotion which she dropped on my balls knowing that I would jump out of my skin which I didn’t disappoint. “Oh I am sorry baby is that a little cold”. She said with a giggle in her voice. The next thing she did was to start massaging it in running her hand up and down my shaft a few times bringing me to the edge of heaven but stopped just in time making me moan. She started to pay a lot of attention to my bottom slowly starting to push her fingertip into my unsuspecting hole. My body straight away started to disobey me and started pushing down encouraging the finger to go deeper. “Oh I see someone is enjoying this quite a lot” she said as she held her hand stiff allowing me to push down while she wiggled her finger around. “Now I thought you may enjoy that” she said while slowly removing her finger. At this point I couldn’t help myself I grabbed her and started giving her the a passionate kiss slipping my tongue in her mouth at the same time slipping my hand down the front of her underwear feeling the obvious wetness around her shaved mound. She allowed me to do this at first getting a little carried away herself. Suddenly she stopped pulling away from me “Now that’s a naughty boy. I am in charge.” and just to make sure I knew it she rolled me on to my side and gave my lotioned up bottom 3 sharp slaps. Which made me yelp but also added to my excitement too. “Now say sorry to mummy or else! Sorry mummy I replied still unable to believe this was all happening to me. Next she brought the front of a nappy liner up between my legs, got it in place then followed it up by the front of the nappy and securely fastened it in place, leaving me hornier than I could ever imagine. Now doesn’t that feel nice she said while rubbing the front of the nappy. I think it’s time to finish getting my baby dressed and don’t even think about taking that blindfold off young man. She then slipped something feeling very silky over my feet and up my legs and over my very bulky nappy. Hope you like your new nickers she said helping me to my feet.
Now then baby since you have agreed to do as you are told here comes the rules, I suspect you were expecting them cos that’s what normally happens in the stories you like to read isn’t it?


“I errr can explain” I said
“So can I. A few weeks back to buy a do it yourself CD on computers. How to look at history was a very interesting lesson, so was the story you were reading this morning”. I couldn’t see her face but I knew she must have been looking very happy with herself.
I was glad my face was partly covered because I must have been burning red with embarrassment. All my intimate secrets out in the open and to add to it I was stood naked in front of the love of my life in just a bulky nappy and some silky frilly nickers which made the nappy even more tight to my skin and more importantly my throbbing little man. Even more important I was feeling quite a heavy feeling in my stomach. I know I had celebrated my 2 week holiday with a large pizza from pizza hut but that was no reason for the sudden urge for the bathroom.
As you know already I am the boss you will do as I say and never remove or interfere with any of your clothing or you will be punished as and when I see fit. That’s about it she said with a giggle. Now let’s finish getting you dressed. That’s unless you fancy going out like that.
Going out?? I said
Yea and if I hear another word from you about it your clothes will be a size too small showing plenty of your baby features off. Now put your feet in here she said guiding my feet in to some jogging bottoms. Pulling them up over my padded crotch and tying the string quite tight around my waist little did I know the string was a leather belt with a little pad lock on. Next came a T shirt which was white with a picture a baby on with my head where the baby’s head should have been.
I was then lead out to her car sat in the passenger seat and we were off. I was now starting to fidget in my seat.
Jan? I said I know you are the boss and I will do as I am told but I rather need the toilet could we go back to the house so I can quickly go?
Ha no we can’t you have not been in a nappy for 15min and you say you can’t hold on for a little car ride. I think it’s a good job I have put you back in nappies as I don’t want a mess in my car. If you are good and tell me how much you enjoy wearing nappies and girlie frilly nickers out in public then I will consider being nice to you when we get to where we are going.
What choice did I have? I spilled my guts saying how much it turned me on wearing nappies and nickers and that being forced to wear them increased my excitement 10 fold. I was too worried about filling my nappy to have even thought she was recording every word I was saying on her mobile phone.
Ok baby boy we are here and since you have been a good little boy you can take your blindfold off.
I thought you were going to let me go to the toilet?
Whenever did I say that? She said Laughing at the same time.
When I took the blindfold off I noticed the t shirt and the lock on my bottoms and I was amazed how creative she has been.
She had brought me to a park we sometimes walk around about 10 miles out of town which was a relive as I really was nervous I would see someone I knew. Come on baby lets go for a nice waddle she said with a big grin on her face.
As I got out of the car I farted quite loudly and stopped and held my bottom feeling a small amount of runny mess escape. What’s wrong baby? You don’t need a change already do u? she then pushed her hand against my bottom. It was a hot sunny day which and it was starting to get very warm and a bit uncomfortable in my nappy area but this wasn’t my major concern at the moment. We had been walking for what seemed like hours with Jan making witty comments like how cute I looked in my nappy and frilly nickers and it wasn’t long before my body finally disobeyed me again for the second time that afternoon. I exploded in to my nappy. Jan watched my most desperate actions trying to stop the flow of poop filling my nappy which I thought would never end but! As soon as I had finished she simply put her hand around my waist and pulled me forward to carry on walking as if nothing had happened. It wasn’t long before her hand had slipped down to my bulging bottom and started to press it spreading its content in all directions. Good job you had a nappy on after all eh.
I really couldn’t understand why she was not shocked and my apparent lack of control of my bodily functions. Then it dawned on me she had slipped something up my bottom earlier and she knew exactly what was happening.
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