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I just saw an episode of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia." In season three episode eight titled "Frank Sets Sweet Dee On Fire," the gang is watching public access, about half way in the episode they bring up a segment called Diaper Time, where it's just random ABs dancing. This will spoil the end of the episode, but at the end when Diaper Time comes on, two of the main characters are dancing around in diapers. In total there may be about six seconds of the entire episode that shows it, but it's still worth seeing.
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That reminds me of a Jack in the Box commercial I saw yesterday. Two full grown men in business attire are being pushed around in at double baby stroller by a pretty mommy. They act like babies and fuss and cry. Keep your eyes open for that one too.

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I recall a second-season episode of "Lost" in which Dominic Monaghan and some extras did a little dance routing in diapers and pacifiers for reasons to convoluted to go into (the episode was "Fire + Water", however). Obviously, we are part of a healthy and growing (or possibly regressing) culture.

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  I can remember a tv show that was canceled only after 5 or6 show,s 3 brothers where in small town #1 the mayor #2 depty #3 dumbo , anyway #3 had his wife put him in a diaper , and his brothers caught him in it , giggles , darn that show was cute to . 
May the Fun never END . giggles , Summer,s Hot How About You ,
That sounds eerily creepy to me for some reason
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