PG Dating A Man You Feel His Hardness
He Continues Pressing Until Penetration And Climax
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When you're dressed in a public setting and a man puts his hand on your knee, the sensation on your nylons is like an electric shock. You grow hard as feelings of pleasure run up your leg all the way to your crotch. You hope and pray that he will slide his hand up under your dress, over you garters all the way to your panties. He does! You feel him ever so slowly gliding upward as you open your legs waiting for him to reach your throbbing cock. Stroking the outside of your panties you feel his gentle touch on your cock under the slippery fabric. He reaches into the waistband of your pretty pink panties and then he massages and squeezes and firmly strokes your cock faster & faster. You feel it, you're going to cum! Eventually the nylons on your legs and the high heels you're wearing are spread wide and outstretched under the table.  Your legs begin to shake and tremble as waves of pleasure wrack your body. You brace yourself for the big climax. You  begin to spasm and ejaculate, Strong spurts of semen send waves of pleasure from your erect penis to every part of your body. Your panties are soaked in cum. You moan in pleasure as your cock throbs. Sliding his hand from under your dress, he licks the cum from his fingers (your cum). He kisses you and you taste your own  cum. At that point, you're ready to go somewhere and satisfy him too. He watches as you lick your lipstick in anticipation of coming oral episode. You rub his crotch to insure he's hard - he is ready. So are you. You picture yourself on your knees. What a date!
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