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The Sissy Baby

Little Noelle Doll


This doll has been made with much love and care for Little Noelle. This is which I hope to be, one of many custom made Sissy Dolls of my Sissy Doll Service here exclusively for SissyKiss (See Sissy Beach Dolls. Ken & Kev and also Special SissyKiss Dolls For Christie Love)


Sissy Baby Noelle


A Closer Look:


The Socks & Shoes


The Love Heart Dummy/Pacifier


The Sissy Baby Dress


The Double Super Deluxe Frilly Plastic Pants/Panties (Frills on both the back & the front)


And Finally…

The Reveal:


It is kind of hard and impossible for me to not reveal this, but the images show for themselves that the doll is of course, a 2D Object and not at all an image. However the textures of the doll are of actual images.



Okay, the best way to keep this real simple.

Here is the exact sequence of images that were used to make this doll with, in SketchUp Make 2017


Original Doll. Shot 1


Original Doll. Shot 2


The actual doll is completely naked, but to show respect to this site and it's rules with no exceptions, I have clothed him. Eventhough this doll is NOT Anotomically Correct in the lower area.

That said, if even if that was allowed, then comic/cartoon drawings of nudety would be allowed and then real people, as that is what such a thing will eventually lead to that kind of outcome.

So Please Bear This Fact In Mind, before commenting, Thank You.

Original Replacement, Better Detailed Head


The original doll's head as seen in the above image is not well detailed in terms of the eyes, the hair looks a bit blotchy too, hence why I decided to change that for a more better detailed one.

Original Dummy For Dolls



Original Socks & Shoes


Original Dress


Original Frilly Plastic Pants 




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Why Use SketchUp?


Why not? I am sure that someone could do pretty much exactly the same thing that I have done using Photo Shop. Well, I do not have that software, it’s very expensive and it’s not going to be a program that all and everyone can use.


I most likely would not be able to do so, why is unimportant, I nearly almost did not figure out on how to use the tools in SketchUp back in the days of when it used to be owned by Google and was formally known as Google SketchUp.


Google went to sell the whole creation of SketchUp to a company called Trimble and they have owned it ever since. I hope they not get a similar idea to Google and sell SketchUp to another different company. Because they may change the format of the program completely.


At least Trimble has been faithful to the original SketchUp format, of how the program works etc. Along the way however, they have added additional new improved features to the program, of these new features is what I have used to soften out the edges etc. of my model, making the doll look almost real like.


I won’t reveal however, what else in SketchUp that I use to create the flawless like image as seen above. (See Original Doll Model,. Shots 1&2) Nor will I reveal what that other soften edges part of SketchUp that I use, or how else the rest of the doll making process is done.


It’s not easy, but I love a good challenge, better still, I’m using a 3D Drawing/Modelling Program to do something that no one else is using SketchUp for, or ever would likely want to do so. I can make actual 3D models, but the point here is that I dare to do something different and be different, as that is simply just me. Please do not be harsh though toward me because of that. I am a unique individual human being.





Baby Butch
Magnificent job with this doll SissyBabyPet. The outcome is so much different than the original doll. Love the frilly pink dress and frilly pink plastic panties used. Looking forward to seeing my doll.
@ Baby Butch
  Thank you Baby Butch, I really appreciated that. Glad to see you're not upset that I made a Sissy Baby Doll Already. But at least this gives you a chance to see in part, how the process is done and what you can expect to see in a custom made doll for you. No one doll is going to be exactly the same unless someone wants to have an exact copy of somone elses doll. Oh, do you by the way appreciate the fact that I did not show the actual doll model being naked?

I have true sincere genuine respect to this site, you as a moderator, etc. I hope I was right in saying that having an image here of a naked male doll not to be an exception of the no nude pics rule? I at least hope I was right in saying if such a thing to be allowed, in what that would eventaully lead to. Hence why I said it and respectfuly clothed the naked male doll in something that was decent etc.

Baby Butch
@ SissyBabyPet
 You did good and as far as I know no images can contain nudity just like pictures of actual people. The main thing is not showing ones Genitals or Breasts with Nipples.
@ Baby Butch
  Thank you Baby much, it does my heart good to know that I did the right thing. Much appreciated. The male doll images do not have genitals, I would not use a doll image of any kidn if that doll has gentitals, that's just way so wrong for a doll that is supposed to be a childs toy.  Anyway, thank you for letting me know that.


The above doll has been made with love and care, for Little Noelle. All images are courtesy of Google Images Search Website. The Image Alteration Technique is copy right protected.



Alteration Source: Trimble SketchUp Make 2017

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