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PG 13 careful where and who you meet to b mommy
brief description of how I met my so called mommy
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careful where and who you meet to b mommy - brief description of how I met my so called mommy, devil tempting, Adult Babies,Mind Altering,Feminization
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ok so you have 2 people from opposite ends of the map from each other :  Montana & Connecticut 

Connecticut ="Baby girl/guy supporting himself living with bro/mother.average hard worker 9am-930 pm ish work shift.
he found on Clubsissy .com a woman that says she wants a baby I got approved over time of logic and story lines ...
   we traded stories she ripped me off a few hundred so i pick up on stupidity and for a time being we stopped talking ..

I got smart in time and managed to get a portion of my money back from her due to lies and deception .so we fought and acted like a couple online and over time she says im her daughter and will live w/her ..
do you think i should have dropped her the 1st rip off/lie? 
that's the question i kept asking my self...and I thought to myself "with how this world is twisting and bending into alternate realities ...i figured I'd build her up and see where this wild ride takes me ...

I just see  a hypothesis "I go to meet this woman and out of the blue I get my ass kicked by 2 guys or i see Chris Hanson come out from around the corner with a plate of cookies "she's 30 so age difference isn't the case .lol  but yea now a days you have to be careful who to trust and I  will never trust any Nigerian that's another story for later .
never just jump towards the devil without thinking what you are leaving .

pictures catch eyes better then just words and i know this isn't "sissy "but its more of a meaning then a caption . did you meet your "kinky woman ?
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Baby Jasmine
Ya some might say fantasy is better than reality. In my fantasy world i just pretend i have a mommy. After all if i can pretend to be a baby girl or doll it's not that much of a jump to pretend i have a mommy. 
Why not. That's how i started long ago anyway playing dress up with my older stepsister.

thats awesome thanx for sharing i think its twisted but i understand the source
Baby Jasmine
Your story is twisted but who am i to judge. If yoy share your twisted fantasies here fine. What better place. I responded in kind. Just an opinion from my twisted mind 
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