PG Belles mommy has dgffi with her mommy for the day
2 little girls have a play date sleepover
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Belles mommy has dgffi with her mommy for the day - 2 little girls have a play date sleepover, Dgffi, Adult Babies
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 Belles mommy invites 1 of her lady friends anna over with her little girl for a play date that ends up being a really big day for 2 sweet little sissies oh hello anna your here ratcher early im in the nursery come in im just changing  belles nappy no bell stay still darling mommy isnt finisht and look your favorite little friend dgffi // talisa is here with anna and you 2 are going to have a play date this afternoon oh it looks like little talisa is blushing seeing you in your pretty princess bedroom but dount worry sweete her room , nursery at home is just like yours now lie still and keep that bottom up stop fussing little girls needent worry about otchers seeing them have there nappies changed and we have talkt about your little pink cage its wat all little sissies have taliasa has 1 on now to mommy is nearly done princess then you can hop down and we will dry those tearsand now do you wanna go say hello to miss anna sweete and your little friend talisa oh look talisa just loves your room sweete but i think talisa my need changing as well  anna now that the changing table is free do you want to take off talisas panties and bring her over oh no problem it has been a long trip and when we were getting close to your house when i askt talisa how she was doing as it had been a while since we left home she said she felt like she might have gone poos but wasnt sure  i told her i could stop and take her into the Ladies room at that big station off highway 33 but it does upset her when we do that so i perfer not to but she is well  due for a change come over talisa and lie down and lift your dress all the way up just like how you do for mommy princess uh ha yes she did anna i can put her into 1 of belles nappies for now if her stuff is still out in your suv oh yes that will be fine thank you so much i will go out and bring in her stuff while you finish changing her it wount be long and she is going to need a nap now thats much better isnt it talisa now i think you could do with a nap after the long car ride here and no argueing with mommy  oh anna belle has anotcher spare crib in the nursery here that  we can set up and she is due for her nap as well i will just go and get there bottles ready and they can be put down oh and we can talk about our new boyfriends for a while oh yes i have so much to talk about on that subject  and then later on when naptime is over we can photograph our little princesses in some of there new babydresses ...
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All I  can say is 😍😍😍😍
Isn't it nice to have another sissy baby like yourself to play with no need to get embarrassed about having your nappies changed in front of each other. Your Mummy's should put you into the one crib and you can have nice sissy cuddles together It will be ok as you both have cages on       
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