PG 13 Becoming Little Baby Girl Lily
a short story of sissy Lily becomeing regressed to a baby girl. I hope it is easy to read with not many errors, because, honestley, it is getting harder and harder to read and write anymore lately
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 Lily” was once your stereo typical twenty something year old sissy before this he/she had just finished here 4 years of college, but she felt burnt out and wanted to take a break from things for a little while before she started her actual career. So she restarted her old fetish of diapers . She loved wear and to mess them and found she could do it all day if she could . Soon she would get that opportunity in the form of a close family friend. Melinda also had a diaper fetish but no one to Share it with . They would both immediately hit it off and started doing it together . Lily would be the little while Melinda being the mother it was nice for a time but soon she came to Lily with a prosper position . She asked her to become her little for a time.

Lily unsure got her to agree to make a contract for it after working out the details Lily would sign it . The contract included a clause that would allow Lily to quit at any time she should requested guaranteeing her the ultimate say over their relationship . But Melinda new that by the signing Melinda “mommy” now would make the necessary arrangements setting up for Lily’s new room and space. Lily was immediately put back into diapers and was barred from using the toilet for any reason. The first few weeks where like a dream to lily days spend napping and mess her diapers and be Infantilized by her mommy. Soon enough her “Mother” would introduce “special medicine” to her to make her mess and regress assuring her that it would be reversible after . Once on it Lily would mess frequently without control and this excited Lily  she rubbed her messed diaper and was aroused and pleased. All while having her fun she begun to regress her mind slowly slipping away with every dose of the regression medicine . Soon months would go by and she continue to regress she began to lose herself to the little that she was becoming but she didn’t fear it She embraced it. Soon after almost 6 months she was a totally different person fully regressed and Infantilized into a little. In this way , she was happily  with her new life and didn’t think about it much, she feld so babyish all the time. And now being regressed now she couldn’t no longer consent or abide by the contract they made as she didn’t understand it anymore the exact intend of her new mother. Her mother now had free rein to do as she pleased with her little with no contract to abide by . Lily had no way or a want to leave her new mother now being a little. Lily may have been played from the very start but she didn’t care now she was just her mothers little now and nothing else mattered. 
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Baby Puss
Nice short story.  
Josie Dolly
Where did you get your teddy? What’s its name?
What a very lovely short story babgirlpansy. I liked it, a lot.

*Hugs* SissyBabyPet
Baby Butch
Cute short story with a happy ending. : )

   Waves Hello
A lovely short story. Lucky Lilly  
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