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Being a sissy isn't the same as being a trans girl. It deals with the sexy / fetish / kinky side of feminization, which many trans girls can be, or not. For many transsexual women being a women is just their identity, and has nothing to do with sex, while for some transsexual women, like me, we're both. I completely identify as a girl, and have been a 24/7 girl since I was 18, and I also think feminization is sexy, and at the same time my gender identity, and sexual identity are 2 separate things. Mostly because I grew up dreaming of being a girl, and it also became a part of my sexuality, which is how it is for many trans people.
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Princess Jaina
Very well said post Christie.  It's an important distinction, and one that's caused me very much grief and confusion in the past.  Like you, I find feminization very, very sexy.  Being a "sissy" is an essential part of my sexual identity, as much as being AB/DL.  But like you said, it's not the same thing as gender identity, or being transexual.  That was something that took a long time to learn and work out for myself.  Thank you for posting this.
Have courage and be kind... and may the Force be with you, always! 
Baby Butch
What I like about this site is that we are all different and live our lives as we feel is best for what we are. No discrimination, just a bunch of people getting along as a community. I am still ABDL and tend to like being a male Sissybaby. Wish more people not online were open minded too!
Sooooooo well said to all. 
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