R Auntie's lesson for Sissy Poppy
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 I'd made such a fuss demanding not to be put into a nappy this morning.

Auntie looked surprised but strangely agreed, I should have realised she had a trick up her sleeve. "Very well, your rompers, pink T-shirt and a little pair of frilly panties then. Show me how you will manage without one!"

Dressed, I sat in my highchair, drinking down my second large bottle of Auntie's special milk concoction.

Auntie let me down and we set about the laundry, me taking the first load of washing, my dresses, to hang on the line outside, then taking the  bedding off and reloading the machine under Auntie's guidance.

 Then busy, busy, busy, ironing, folding, hanging clothes up and putting away. Auntie gave me no rest until late-morning when she strapped me in my highchair again with another large bottle which I sucked on greedily and then foolishly another.

I knew now I had to go to the toilet and pleaded with Auntie to let me go. "No,"  she said, "no potty for you, you can wait until I say so. I've just got another little job for you in the garage. Put your bonnet on, it's cold in there. Come with me!"

The garage was very chilly indeed, I shivered, feeling the cold, knowing I was in trouble, making the need to pee-pee even stronger.

Auntie sat me on a wooden stool, "Now you can show me how well you can manage without a nappy and prove to me you're not still a sissy baby! You will sit here and don't move or you'll be severely punished!"

She had set up a camera on a tripod in front of me. "If you move the camera will take a photo and I'll see!"

I wriggled uncomfortably and the camera flashed.

"I told you. Don't move from that stool!" she ordered.  She left locking the door behind her. There was nowhere to go or hide so I sat there waiting for the inevitable.

Desperately I tried to hold back but felt the first warm squirt in my panties and flushed deep red with embarrassment.

Squirming and wriggling, however much I tried the more futile it was as I just couldn't hold back the flood, the camera capturing each shaming moment.

I could feel a warm trickle running down my leg, turning to  a stream forming a pool on the mat underneath. Auntie returned, gloating with pleasure. 

" There I said you couldn't manage. You pathetic  little baby. Stand up, then sit on the mat and soak up your wee-wee into your rompers."

I couldn't believe I'd been so stupid to let this happen.

Auntie returned with a bucket and bowl of soapy water.
"Put all your wet clothes in the bucket and stand in the bowl," she ordered. Thoroughly ashamed and naked from the waist down I did as I was told.

Taking a large flannel she scrubbed vigorously, washing my bits and bottom then down my legs, washing "all my nastiness" away. Handing me the tiniest of towels to dry my feet. I could feel tears welling up and running down my cheeks.
"Aw! Is little diddums a cry baby then!" she laughed, "Now, go upstairs and get in a hot soapy bath and I'll find something more appropriate for you to wear."

True to her word, clean and smelling sweet, she laid me on the changing mat.
"Now for such a sissy baby I have a treat. Extra pads inside your nappy, plastic panties and this chain and locks to make sure it stays on until bedtime, Aren't I kind? You know how safe and secure you feel wrapped in a warm comforting nappy."
Sucking on my dummy all I could do was nod.

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Love it, I need a mummy like her 
Baby Puss
Oh dear, you did have to learn the hard way, didn’t you? Your auntie was perfectly correct, about your misguided attitude. Thinking you don’t need nappies! I think, you were very lucky the punishment wasn’t more severe. Now you will have lots of time, while stuck in that nappy, to think about why you still need it. Be a good sissy baby now! 😁
Sissy Poppy
@ Baby Puss
  Yes, Auntie is always right and has my best interests at heart and I know I must always do as she says. My place is to be in nappies always. Auntie did give me a good spanking to reinforce the lesson.
Baby Butch
Auntie knows how to handle a naughty sissy who thinks they are grown up. I loved the short story!
Sissy Poppy
@ Baby Butch
  Auntie knows best and I must wear nappies and girly dresses all the time now. Only auntie has the key and completely controls when my nappies are changed.
What a lovely story. But you should have listened to Auntie she does know best and that you will always be a nappy wearing sissy     
thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful story Sissy Poppy. You really had this little girl twitching in her diapers as she read it 💕
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