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It is the fantasy shared with another that fulfills our short but wonderful life. Cherish it, nurture it. 
Any day in nappies and dressed is a beautiful day 

Before starting to nurse my juice bottle,I tell me mommy how much happier I am now,just being her beautiful baby girl.Mommy I never ever wanted to be a big boy any longer.Don't I just look like such a cutie pie,as your baby girl.I hear my mommy begin to laugh,and begins to cry.Yessss you do look sooo innocent and soooo beautiful babyginagirl.Mommy never wanted you to grow up into a big boy anyways,yes mommy will always keep you as her baby girl.Now just lay back and finish your ba ba for mommy.

I would sure LOVE to be the sweetly diapered baby girl in the pink diaper.I run into my mommy's bedroom and show here the picture,and tell her mommy mommy I just want to be a baby girl forever and ever.My mommy,looks at the pic,and tell's me,it is possible sweety pie.But you do understand I do need to order some babying supplies,and I would need to change your room into a nursery,not a boys bedroom any longer. I begin to cry yessssss mommy,I have always wanted to be your baby girl.I then tell mommy I just think being a sweet and cute baby girl,is just sooo much better than being a boy.I want to be cute sweet pretty and beautiful,and mommy I want to be called babyginagirl.I then see mommy smiling,as she hugs me and says yes babyginagirl,you will be MY baby girl,and start life over as a diapered baby girl.Mommy is soooo proud of you for opening up to me your desires.

After being put back in diapers by mommy and being changed into a baby girl,I totally have no memories of being a boy.I have now been back in diapers for sooo long,I know no other undergarments.Mommy has made me into a beautiful girl,but still needing diapers.Mommy told me when she was returning me to my infancy state,but as a girl,not a boy.I would never ever be potty trained and will always be in diapers.I said yesssssss mommy yes.I just sooooo want to be a baby girl then after being diapered and brought up by mommy as a baby girl,I have sooo falling in love with always wearing and using my diapers. Mommy keeps telling me what a beautiful girl I have become,and how cute I look still in my diapers.

After getting out of bed this morning,I notice how wet my diaper is.I begin to call for mommy.Mommy mommy your babyginagirl needs a diaper change please please mommy.I hear mommy saying she is making my bottle of formula,and will be right in to change you baby.

I come home from school,and daddy meet's me at the door.He asks me how my diaper is,and I bow my head down,and tell daddy it is still dry.Daddy then begins to get upset,as he lifts my skirt,and finds my statement to be true.Ok to bad for you sweety pie,ooks like a spankie is in store for you.I feel daddy grab my hand,and walks me over to the couch,and sits down,then bends me over his knees and lifts my skirt to expose my diaper.I then feel my first slap on my diapered bottom as I begin to cry.He keeps spanking my bottom,telling me you know the rules,if you do not need a change as soon as you come home from school,then a spanking is always waiting for you young lady.The spanks are never hard on your baby bottom sweety,it is just to teach you to always use your diaper as needed.After your spanking sweety pie,please go into YOUR nursery and climb into your crib,I want you to cry yourself to sleep for a nap.Hopeful then when you wake up you will need a change.

Mommy come into the room,and says babyginagirl did you mess your diaper finally.I sure can smell a nasty smell in the air.I knew the suppositories I put into you at your last diaper change would eventually work.I feel mommy come orund in back of me,and lift my dress out of the way,and feel her pushing on the back of my diaper.I begin to get very fussy and say yes mommy,me dids messy.Good good babyginagirl,now you are no longer constipated.Let mommy go fix you a bott le of formula,and mommy will take you into your nursery to get you all cleaned up and changed.

Looking at myself in my mirror, you would never know I was born male.I am sooo amazed how well all the Hormone replacement therapies are working.I think to myself,how glad I was that I opened up to mommy when I was 5 years old,that I just wanted to be a girl.I am soooo glad mommy returned me to infancy state,and sooo happy I need to wear diapers full-time.I think I am soooo pretty now as a girl,and can't wait until my sexual replacement surgery to get real girl parts.Then I will truely NOT be a boy any longer.

I feel mommy touching my very full diaper now,and telling me wow babyginagirl,the enema I just gave you really worked fast to relieve you of your constipation.Look the enema pole is still right next to you.You must feel alot better letting that enema out of your baby girl bottom.Your fussy cranky belly also must be feeling better baby girl.I think your diaper can still hold a little more,so mommy will come back to check on you in about 30 minutes.We both know how you get spasms to push for a little while after your enema's

As I am walking to my therapists office,I am just soooo happy I am becoming the girl of my dreams,and no longer seen as a boy.So I dreesed in a very short skirt and top.I also told her how I just love being a baby girl also,so she told me to come to my next session to a NEW office diapered.She told me this office specialty is regression therapy by hypnosis.I agreed,not knowing how windy it was outside.I then thought sooo what if someone see's my diapered bottom,this who I am and want to be.

I am soooo glad that I finally opened up to my mommy,about my bedwetting issues,she went out and got me a whole case of PULL-UPS,she then brought in the case to my bedroom room with some baby wipes and baby powder.She then told me get rid of all my big girl panties,or at least put them in a bag and put them into the attic.Because I am ONLY allowed to wear the PULL-UPS,until my bedwettings stop.I said yes mommy,as she watched me pull out all my panties and put into bag.Mommy also told,that because I am a BIG little girl,that she would show me what to do for my first change into PULL-UP,but I was allowed to do my own changing.She then said laughingly but baby girl mommy is always her to help you if you need me.
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