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The advantage of living alone - My wardrobe, tutu,leotard,swimsuit,wardrobe, Body Suits,Fairytale
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 What is the advantage of living alone ? You don't have to tidying up your sissy's wears  
The disadvantage : it can rapidly be a real mess  

Just, I'm showing you all my wardrobe here, but I didn't thought I have so many tutu and leotard.
I counted : 
- 21 Leotards
- 14 tutus (9 romantic, 4 platter and 1 fantasy)
- 2 swimsuits

Now I know where is my money  
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 My wife helps keep my wardrobe neat & clean. Nothing hidden, all my clothes are diapers, lingerie & high heels. Proud to be called the town fairy.
Baby Puss
Sometimes I don't feel like picking things up at any particular moment. But I do like things tidy and neat. I just don't have the room, for things to be as I would like them to be. I would LOVE to have a place for everything, and everything in it's place. It makes things so much easier to find, when you want to find, what it is you are thinking of, at a given moment. Nothing is worse than, thinking of something you know you have, but it's stashed in a tote box, and who knows where! Closet, attic, storage shed? AHHHHH!!! 
Sissy, baby, tantrum throwing subject! LOL.  
@ Baby Puss
  I must admit than, usually, I love to find my leotard or my tutus at the place they are supposed to be.
But since few weeks, I noticed I always let a tutu or a leotard on my sofa, there was always some which escaped of the wardrobe :D
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