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   Sigh, I can't believe this! Okay I got adopted see, and I am a bit of a rebel, hence the long hair. So when my new parents saw my photo they took me as a girl. When I met them I was in gender neutral clothes and they are Russian and so don't speak good English. I did not pay much attention to them, never assumed they would pick me but they did! 
  Here's the thing, they were expecting a girl, they have always wanted a little princess and now that is me! I tried to explain it to them but they poo poo in Russian and treat me like a baby! They know I am a boy cause they have been diapering me since they got me home, and they are both women! The "husband" is a woman, they are very clever my new Russian Mommies.
   Here you see me on my way to church for my christening! Yes I am in a diaper and no I don't see how I can get out of this, where would I go? They are very kind to me I have loads of girly toys and games and even some other "Baby" girl friends my own age, I think they may be boys too. I have a feeling i am gonna be a little toddler for quite a long while...........
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really loved this caption, enjoyed the picture of her looking off a bit, and the story with it was unforgetable
Thanks Dina :)
Baby Butch
Great story, lots of twists and surprises for the young man. Sounds like a good fantasy for about anyone! Thanks for sharing your work with us!
Your welcome! :)
Baby misha
 Love the story. Very clever. Two women to change your diapers, loads of toys, girl friends to play with, what a wonderful life.
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