R Yourself in the Mirror
Dress-up transformation fem no reverse
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Have you ever tried something once and suddenly you crave more of it, you think about it often, you lose control of yourself as the urges cause you to surrender. You begin to remind yourself or purchase female garments dreaming that you will become a girl by wearing lingerie, panties or even moaning out as you enjoy the moment but you see yourself in the mirror and then realize "you are a female" that reflection you see is the Princess inside of your mind that hidden secret hottie is right in front of you. Staring at the mirror as you touch the lingerie feeling how soft and delicate this moment is you do not even realize the impact it has already taken on your mind, you are prancing around freely, happy, changed forever in this new reality you are finally free from everything, everyone, no more worries, no more stress, as this becomes your new escape. Ohh my you mumble out as you felt the wetness on the front of your panties realizing you had pre cummed several times before the female garments were wet enough to leak thru causing you to feel hotter, you look back into that mirror permanently transforming this moment into your brain. Moaning as you begin to breathe heavier... You realize you cannot stop or control what is happening Omg,Omg, Mmmmmm Ahhh Moaning louder you buckle down onto your knee's believing that your body orgasmed harder than ever before. Exhausted as you still quietly moan with each breathe in... You blackout in front of the Mirror that has subconsciously altered your life as you knew forever femenizing the way you used to masterbait.

Feel free to add your own chapters begining from as you awake or regain consciousness or friend me and tell me what happens next. 
Hope u enjoy and perhaps forever fem yourself hehe muah 
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