in my own world
in my own world
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i have got most of the clothes i have ever wanted from the shops and other sorces.
i have had enough of being on the other side of the window looking in beeing teazed by that beautiful dress or night wear.
its now mine.
i have a full wardrobe full of dresses and nighties and shoes and hand bags ect ect.
i have now given up smoking.
20 a day for about 20 years... im two weeks n to it and i dont look back.
i quit once before for 3 months and i started again after being to a pub and having one too many.
i know what its like to relaps and know how to avoid it.
i want something more than a smoke could ever give me...
i wand hormone treatment.
i want to open thoes curtains and lean out of the window and breath fresh air.
im trying to get a suport group or some thing o help me tackle my doctor into giving me the correct treatment and to give me the prescription to a new life.
east london isnt the coolest of places to come out as a trans gender .
but i dont plan on living here for ever.
hi sweeties.
have a wonderful day and please read my posts and it would be very nice if you could write a comment of how it was for you 
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