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(A discussion of future ideas and brain storming for our future stories)
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So are you guys writing any stories and find yourself with a bad case of writers block, or are you working on a story that you just can't keep to yourself and want to put in a snip bit or two to entice the readers? 

So here are mine:

Infant Regression Therapy

Snapping and punching your boss in the face after countless cases of sexual harassment is a bad idea.  Facing jail time for assault is even worse.  But agreeing to a new revolutionary state approved therapy to get out of it?  Well you know the quote from Tropic Thunder.  How will diapers and baby clothes help Katie control her anger? 


Tessa a nosey engineering assistant accidently find herself trapped in the room containing the very invention that her professor had created.  Meet ANNA(The Automated Nursery and Nanny Assistant), a robotic AI that can make baby care a simple task.  It cook, it cleans, and changes diaper.  To make matter worse the machine's A.I. knows just how to take care of the college girl until the professor returns to let her back out...

A Week Alone

16 year old Tim has the house to himself while his parents are away on a second honeymoon.  His two friends Kelly and Victoria want to throw a party.  But Tim old stick in the mud Tim won't allow it.  The two girls instead have an even better idea to keep an eye on Tim, and have there own private party. 

I have been stuck on writers block on all three.  ANNA9000 is almost done, it's the middle I have problems.  I want to have ANNA punish Tessa, but for doing what and why.

Infant therapy is just started.  I want to include a few other people who are in the therapy for anger reason.  One is a 17 year old teenager, and the others I don't know about...   

A week alone is about halfway done.  I already have the two girls diapering young Tim, but what other fun activities should they do? 

So what are your stories and future ideas.    

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