PG i wish i had one of those sisters
girls does their brothers makeup
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I wish I had one of those sisters to make me look like a pretty little girl...  

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I watched the second and third videos.  Oh, to have a GG friend who's willing to help ME with eye makeup and lipstick and hair and facial makeup and picking out a nice dress for me to wear!

Looking at Adam's transformation, the only thing lacking is the matter of pantyhose or stockings.  I'll leave it open to suggestions as to how a girl might help a boy with feminine feelings, put on hose without tearing it. And then, learn to walk in high heels.

Now that Adam and the boy in the second video are all made up and dressed up, they can go for a Sunday lunch at a local restaurant with other non-biofemmes who have girl feelings and are also dressed up. Since transgenderism among  young people is more understood and accepted now than it once was, we should see more of that.

Girl sweetness and delights for all who hear the call!
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