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R Wife looking for Mistress input
Im looking for input to train my Sissy
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Ok Ladies...I am a Dom wife with a Sub husband and am looking to spice up things even more. I want you to be a part of our sexual experience. I want you to tell me how I should tease and deny him, how many days do you think he needs to be edged before allowing him to cum. Whether or not he should be allowed to have a full orgasm or a ruined one or even one at all. He loves to feel humiliated so humiliating ways he needs to earn his orgasm. To start off we are not into whips and chains so please no ideas involving that. He loves to wear my satin panties and in the near future will be wearing my maids dress to clean the house in. I lock him up in chastity from time to time to remind him I am in charge and he belongs to me and only me. Please look at the pics and let me know what you think of my sissy and ways I can control him. I am looking for a few ladies to become friends with and give me your input on a regular basis. I will email you back with pics of him
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Dear Wife:

How lucky your husband is to have a caring wife to serve.  I'm not really qualified to say how often you should permit him to cum, locked up as I am, but it should be a reward for good behavior IMO.  I really responded to ask you, don't you think he's too hairy to be a model sissy?  I'm required to shave, armpits to toes, and it really makes my lingerie more comfy (and makes it easier to clean my sissy parts when they are caged as now).
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