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Hi girls I am still having trouble posting pics I got it to work once but i don't remember how I just tried to repost a cap for Babybarby and had all sorts of problems as soon as I figure out what I did the first time for my &th house cap I will start posting more I haven't forgot I still have lots of Meeting Doppler coming and 7th House as soon as I can figure it out maybe someone could reply and give me step by step instructions I use pix princess and photo bucket to host images my main problem is using Photo bucket.

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~*Christie Luv*~
Hi Doppler! You got it right when you posted the HTML image. I helped you out with that topic, and it has a thumbnail now. When you press the image button  you don't have to worry about any code. You can just put in the web address of the image. The web addresses look something like this:

If you wanted to just paste a bunch of images into the editor at once you can. The editor uses HTML so you can google what HTML image code looks like. You can type the HTML code in any text program on your computer, and then Copy & Paste it into the site's message editor that's there when you are making a post.

To make it so people can click on the images to see the full size in a new window you can also google HTML links, or HTML link images to see how it all goes together. Surround the HTML image code with HTML link code.

If I tried to post HTML here as an example the image would just display after I submit the post, instead of showing the raw HTML code behind the scenes, lol, so I can't really give an example here, but it can be googled.
ok thanks for explaining it I know you have explained it before to me I'm a slow learner lol
~*Christie Luv*~
No prob hun! Actually I could design the editor to check for image addresses, and automatically turn them into HTML link images when a post is made. It would be so much easier for people who are not HTML savvy. I'll do that, and post here once it's made.


It's done! You can now post images just by dropping the web address to images in the message editor. I don't know why forums haven't done that before lol. It will be an inline image link. Which means people will be able to click it to see the full size.

This also was done with video, and audio addresses. Video addresses will turn into a fully embedded video, and audios will turn into a cute music image. When it's clicked people can listen to it.
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