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R Whatever happened to babykat?
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I am not sure if this is the best spot on the forum to ask this, but does anyone know what happened to babykat? I really liked her captions, but she hasn't been here for since 2011, and her blog doesn't look like it has been updated since then either.

I hope she is okay.
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I do not know where Babykat is or if she is okay But I do have a suggestion:

Let's try a shamanic healing. Or, at the very least, a "psychic outreach."

Here's her avatar:

Now focus on it. Close your eyes. Surround the image in white light. Hold her in the light (an old Quaker visualization technique).

Somewhere in the world, she should feel the love.

If we want to reach out to her even more intensely...hold that avatar in your mind, close your eyes again and masturbate. I'm not kidding. She'll feel the psychic kickback (and hopefully in a good way) as you climax. It's a form of chaos magik. It worked for Grant Morrison and "The Invisibles" sales back in 1995. It should work for the folks of Sissykiss.

Blessings to you, Babykat, wherever you may be.
Baby Princess Emily
I hope she returns soon, I liked her cappies too. And im glad im not the only one on this site who works with magick.
My diaper is warm and squishy, my sleeper soft and comfy, and my heart content as i lay agianst my mothers breast

 I hope she returns soon, I liked her cappies too. And im glad im not the only one on this site who works with magick.  

Yes, I cannot believe I mis-spelled the word in the early hours of the evening!

My magick journey began with reading THE INVISIBLES (as noted above) and getting involved with the fine folks at the Barbelith website back in the mid-1990s.

But enough about me...where's Babykat?
TiresiasRex this may help, her last post was july 20th 2012 on her abdl blog so i'm pretty sure she should be okay  


All is well. I believe Babykat checked in last spring on a different thread and let folks know that she had just become a mom...child-rearing does occupy your existence...and takes you away from your online community for long stretches of time. I can testify to that...
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