PG wear pink this month!
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October is Breast Cancer awareness Month, a wonderful cause that deserves everyone's support.

One thing to do to support is to wear pink, and this is a wonderful opportunity for in-the-closet sissies to do so.  :)
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Seeing as pink is my favourite colour, wearing for a good cause just makes it more worth while

Baby Butch
Everyone loves pink so they picked the right color. I wonder if the NFL players will be using pink shoes and towels again this year.

Good luck with the fund raising. I have pink panties and pink plastic panties to wear!
Jennifer Funshine
Shame I never knew about this until now, but regardless I tend to wear pink like everyday so I hope I'm helping. If I see those breasts cancer pins or a place where I can make a donation I will certainly do so. Breast cancer should be a thing of the past by now but the higher ups in the medical industry wont let people have the cure(s) (yes there is more than one.) Which is so sad, it just breaks my heart :'(
Baby Butch
I am reporting that the NFL players did wear a variety of pink to support this cause. Some had pink shoes others had towels, etc. I am sure this helped raise funds for this good cause.
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