To wear diapers or not to wear...
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...that is the question.

Okay, I am going to give a little more rules than what is in the other topic. One person (me) starts a story. The next person adds to it. All sections must be at least one paragraph (5 to 7 senteces) and a max of five to six paragrphs. Try to at least have it make sense and be contuity acruate.

Max sat on the cot in the nurse's office at the school. He had just wet his pants in front of the entire school. He was taking medication and that was an unwanted side effect. He was starting to consider protection. Thus he eyed the stack of diapers on the table next to him with careful consideration.

He stood up and walked over to the table. He lifted one of the soft, white objects off the table. He inspected the diaper from front to back. He quickly noticed one problem with the one he was holding. It was made for a human and thus did not have a tail hole. This was a problem for Max because he was a bunny boy.

The nurse walked in and notice Max holding the diaper. She went to the cabinet and pulled another one out of it. She said, "This might fit you better."
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max stood looking at the nurse still with the diaper in hand, curious but shocked. The nurse giggled a bit and said, "does maxy need help changing into his diapers?" Max stood horrified but nodded his head in agreement. "Ok be a dear and grab the supplies out of the top drawer of the table for me and put them on the table for me." said the nurse. Max was hesitant but put the diaper he was holding down and proceeded into the next room.
As Max was walking into the room the nurse watched his little bunny tail waddle back and forth thinking to herself what a cutie. Max had made his way to the table and open the drawer and was shocked to find a bottle of baby powder a package of baby wipes. As the nurse began to make her way into the room he gathered up the objects and turned to look at the nurse.
Thank you sweetie now put them on the table, max complied. "Now get out of those wet clothes so I can change you." Max turned 7 shades of red; the nurse said come on sweetheart your going to have to remove those clothes to put on a diapee. Max just stood there petrified. "Do you need help?" asked the nurse.
The nurse smiled and put down the diaper with the other stuff. She then proceeded to undo his pants and slipped his wet clothes off she also pulled off his shirt. Now isn't that better, hop up on the table and will get you changed. Max was ashamed standing in front of the nurse completly naked but found his way climbing up the side of the table. The nurse smacked his butt and gave him a boost up.
Max rolled up on to the table and onto his back. The nurse pulled a layer of bars out of the side of the table and locked them into place. "This is just to make sure you don't roll off of the table and you get a booboo." Max layed puzzled over the babytalk but was rather intriqued by it.
the nurse then asked Max how it felt an he answered...
that's NOT a paragraph!
Max stood nervously in front of his teacher, mother, aunt, and gran. He knew he had no other option but to accept his punishment. Mommy knew that Max had run out of options but max had understimated his Mommy.

The first time mommy had put him in a dress and frilly panties, Max thought he could handle it and he would brush it off on the basis that he was a male, thus feeling he was far superior to women.

This time the fact that his dress had become frillier more childish and far shorter, and his panties far more childlike, he began to panic.

Mommy insisted that Max take off his stupid boy clothes, which Max had come to expect, but what worried Max more this time was that the room he was taken too also included a baby bath, cot and diaper table.

Mommy ordered Max to put the pacifier she held out for him, into his mouth........... 
Max thought he might get some support from his teacher when she told the group "This isn't a nice thing to do, you can't just go around putting a boy like Max in diapers, rhumba panties and a dress. You have to give him a choice ..." but his hopes were dashed when she continued, "Now max, what do you want to wear? The pink dress and rhumab panties or the lilac dress and rhumba panties?"

"NONE, I don't eant to wear a dress", said Max.

"THAT is not an option! Now we have been nice to you and given you a choice. Choose!"

"Ah m m m.. I don't kow. ... The lilac one..." Max said softly.

"See, you can make a choice after all! I'm sure you'll love bening a baby gilr!"
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the boy said , wh yshould i have to wear adress rthats not fair idint doanything this is bulliyng . ther eis no way you are going to get me i na dress im a boy for creying out loud not a weedy little girl" he felt pressure build to a tremepdus discomfort in jsut afew seconds while the nurse looks at him . "nurse pelase igott go to the bathroom relly badly i think im goan wet my pantsif idont. "he spoke to soon and he helpsly felt his bladder spasnm andreasulse hot pee inot his underpants and totatally soaks his cloths and the nurse dressis not his only option. as he finishs helplessly peeing his pants....
they say beuty is in the eye of the beholder but there is no reason why it cant be wrong
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