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I'm hoping to come out to a friend of mine this weekend, I'm really nervous, but I'm nearly positive she'll be supportive. Anyway I'm going to ask her to give me a mini-makeover and some girl acting lessons. I'm trying to plan for this yet to happen date and am not sure what I should wear. I have a jean skirt, blue jeans, a red skirt (that doesn't go with much in my wardrobe), and a multi colored full skirt I really love. I've decided on my cream shirt with a brown top, it'll go well with my black pokadot scarf and brown purse. The complicating thing are my shoes. All I have are black MJ pumps and black hose. I really like my multi colored skirt, but I'm not sure if the shoes go with it. You can check my pics for any visual references.
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You should let her go all out on you. Nothings the limit lol. That way both of you will have fun. You said it before she had you in a dress once alrdy lol. BIG HUGS!!!! and congratz again on climbing that lil hill.
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