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Dr.James makes a very powerful device
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Dr.James finally finished his 10 year project to make a compact device that can do anything. Now how will i test it said Dr.James. take it from hear anyone
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Dr James paused a moment to examine the final result of his life's work - it was a peculiar thing, a mass of twisted metal and glass, with dials and cogs poking through the mess here and there. It wasn't particularly handsome, not by any stretch of the imagination, but really, who cared? It could do ANYTHING! How many people could claim that they had a device that could do whatever they wanted? Not many, he would bet money on it. Hell, he'd bet what was left of his vast fortunes on it.

"Best to start off small," the ingenious doctor muttered to himself. "Make sure it works." He had grand plans for his baby, and he wasn't going to have it blow up in his face before he knew it had the power to even do something small.

This was it - ten years of blood, sweat and tears had led up to this moment. Would it work? Had it all been a colossal waste of money, time and effort? Would the love of his life turn it's back on him? Would all of his efforts have been in vain? Would he finally be able to fulfill his deepest, darkest desires and fantasies? Would -

Shut up and do it, he mentally whispered to himself.

He could feel his heart beating like a drum as, with shaking hands, he pointed his wrist at the floor beneath him. With a trembling, soft voice, he said, "My beloved Watch, make the floor turn pink."

The Watch remained motionless, unchanged. The floor retained it’s woody brown texture. He stood in his room, rigid and apprehensive, with his wrist angled down towards the floor.

Nothing happened.

He waited like that for an entire minute, hoping against hope, when finally, defeated, he felt tears fast approaching and he slumped down to the floor. Really? Nothing? Ten years of pouring his heart into his work, and NOTHING? He was shattered. Heart broken. Surely it had -

Suddenly, he felt the Watch grow hot on his arm, and he gave a gasp of shock as the metal suddenly turned an angry, scalding hot red. It was actually burning his skin. He yelped in pain and began to fumble with the latch, when –
*the metel grew hot and firey 8he felt as if the light grew ever so bright as he felt as if he were being absorbed *he could notice his soul was going inside the medal as he looked at his lifeless body
*i had dreamt life was beauty and woke up and found out life was duty*
*it is better to be thought the fool and remain silent then to open your mouth and remove all doubt*
Living in a watch, a piece of metal in an abandoned house once owned by a forgotten genius was a living hell for Dr James. A prison with no escape. Or so he thought....
One day, two little sisters snuck into the now abandoned laboratory of Dr James/ From his prison inside the watch, Dr James could hear the girls whispering to themselves about how they had broken into the headquarters of a mad scientist. This was just a game to them, he realized!
Eventually the girls stumbled upon the strange looking watch, and instinctively, the younger sister leaned down and pick it up. She suddenly felt a strong heat burning from the watch, and Dr James finally felt himself escaping his nightmare...
It was like he was being forced through a very fine mesh - he was being thrust through tiny holes in the barricade, parts of him making it through, other parts being left behind. Tying everything together was a firm thread of agony, an iron rope that wrapped itself around every fibre of his existence. It cut his soul into a million tiny sections, many squeezing through the mesh to freedom...but many more being left behind in the shadows of the watch. He felt like a lab specimen, an odd creature being dissected by the researcher's knife for unknown reasons. He tried to scream, but he found himself without a physical existence with which to make a sound. The entire concept of 'Doctor James' was just that - a concept. He was nothing more than a spiritual force as he's very essence exited the confines of the watch. The beloved device that had become his prison. The beloved watch that was causing him so much pain now.

He had no idea what was going on - this had never been in his initial calculations. All he knew was the pain.

And suddenly he found himself on his feet, looking down at his hand. He was gripping a blackened mass of metal and wires, a twisted ball of scrap metal that served no purpose. It took him a second to recognize it as the ruins of his most beloved watch. Even through the burns, it gleamed in the sunlight that filtered into the room through a filthy window. Before he could stop himself, he found his clasped fingers falling open, and the wreckage of the watch fell to floor, colliding with a dull, lifeless metallic thud.

The crippling agony, overcoming him only seconds before, disappeared to nothing in the blink of an eye. Gone like it never happened.

Surprised at the sudden transition, Doctor James found himself stumbling backwards, his legs seemingly unable to support him. For a minute, he fought himself for balance, but it was a vain, pointless struggle. He collapsed to the floor in a weak puddle of clothes and flesh, moaning feebly to no one in particular and twitching.

It was only then that he began to realize just how weird he felt. So...different. He felt...light. Like there was less weight clinging to his bones. And he felt ever so weak. He could feel tears fast approaching.

What the HELL had happened to him?

He discovered a growing feeling of fear in the pit of his stomach - a cunning predator, raising it's head to sniff the air, ready to launch a devastating attack.

"Jenny? What are you doing on the floor, are you ok?"

The voice that drifted to his ears was decidingly youthful and female, a sweet melodic sound that brightened the otherwise drab environment. Music to his ears. And yet...

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