I want to know how to tie good pig~tails
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Can one of you sweet little girlies,teach another sissygirl how to tie pig-tails?
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Now that depends on what kind you want, do you want braided or straight?
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K here is your guide to cutie-licious pigtails!

Straight Pigtails

A) Wash and condition hair.

B) Blot dry and allow to dry naturally if you have the time.

C) Divide hair in half from crown to nape of the neck.

D) Set aside two ponytail ties.

E) Pick up one section of hair and thread hair through the ponytail holder. Twist and re-thread hair through holder until it is all secure.

F) I usually twirl the hair ends around my finger until the pigtail comes to a nice point, while holding back the rest of it to not pull on it, so we will not losing any perkiness.

Funky Pigtails

F) For these we will start after E) except stop when the hair tie is 9/10 secure. Here is where the difference happens...

G) Twist pigtail holder one last time and re-thread HALF the hair through the holder. By this time, pigtail should be tight.

H) Coax/spread the rest of the hair into loose curls or straight ends.

Braided Pigtails

You need to know how to make a braid first. Which is seperating your hair into three parts, then move the right one inbetween and through the middle and the left one. Then move the middle one (which is now the right one) inbetween and through the middle one and the left again. *lol* I hope that is not too confusing! Then just keep doing it until it is all tied to the ends. Then thread and twist the ends through hair ties.

You do the same with pigtails except on two sides.

The nicest touch is afterwards tying a cute bow or hair decoration around them! Then tada!

 O ok Ill try it tonight,Thank you.
"There is but one truth. If you avert your eyes from it, you will always remain nothing more than a puppet."-Roger Smith
I have a great little book called Braids & Bows, which shows a bunch of different ways to do braids and make hair bows. It comes with ribbons and barrettes! Highly recommended. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/187825717X
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