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i wanna be a real girl not just a sissy .. i know it might sound crazy but i feel like im meant to be a girl , im not comfortable in my body as it is .

im a slim build and only weigh 120 pounds .

i would like to become a girl but i cant even go see a therapist cuz i live with my grandparents cuz i dont have a job right now ...... .... but is there any thing i can do to get started at being a girl or any advice to do it?

btw my whole family are against gay / trans and any other things like it so i cant tell em.
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Eventually you will have to tell them if you want to become a woman. I am not sure of the whole process but I know you do have to get a therapist recommendation before you can have surgery. You dont have to tell your grandparents who your going to a therapist but you can still go. I hope you are able to be happy in life. Best of luck to you.

You either have to convince your relatives are you have to move out to go your way independantly from your folks.

You need to have a therapist for indications of hormones and SRs (sex reasignet surgery). Recommendation for therapists a available frm your local transgender support group.


What you can do right now is work on yourself. Transitioning can cost a lot of money but one thing you cant buy (though somethings like therapy can help for sure) is accepting yourself and being confident. Being Transgender isnt something that goes away as we all know  Even after you transition and say you are 100% passable live everyday as a woman get surgery and have all your paperwork changed over you aren't done. Its something you live with your whole life. Its not easy but the more you work at it hopefully the sooner you will tolerate it and not let it distract you from living and loving life.

Work on yourself, pick yourself up whenever you are down and do your best to get a job, save money, work toward your dream since unfortunately too many things that you might be interested in are expensive.

One helpful site might be tsroadmap.com

Don't do this by yourself. If your family isn't supportive or you are afraid of telling them, look to your friends, if you don't think you can share with your friends then find some new ones, try to find people in your community that might be going through the same things you are. They can give advice maybe or help you find a therapist, electrolysis, maybe let you know what stores are T-friendly and things like that. Start doing your homework now so by the time you might want to go to a therapist you have heard from different people and have received recommendations and maybe ask about costs too.

Just do your best to do what you can. Maybe set daily or weekly goals to do something girly that you wish you could do but have been to afraid. Tweeze your eyebrows, learn to use makeup, work out, dance, or whatever you want to do. Just try to keep heading forward I know at times we all want to give up, say we cant do it, chop off our hair that we have grown out for over a year, throw away hundreds of dollars in makeup and beauty products and other stupid things. Don't be afraid of setbacks and bumps on the road.

K here was some ideas and hopefully I might help a bit. I know this Transgender section isn't the most popular so maybe if you can find a cool facebook group or other forum that has more TG people they could help ya out maybe. Good luck and Take care of yourself.
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