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Wondering about experiences in professional nurseries
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Hello, I've asked this before and go no response, so I'm trying again. I've been to several professional nannies/nurseries in Holland, Belgium and the UK. Some visits were exceptional (I went back to a few), some were a bit disappointing. I'd like to share experiences and reviews, and get tips, especially about nurseries/nannies in Germany.
I have to three UK nannies: Nanny Betty (, three visits), to Mistress Nyx (, aka Nanny Eva, one visit), to Nanny Lynda (, one visit), to Belgian Mistress Roxy (, one visit) and to Amsterdam-bases Mistress Madieanne (, two visits). The visit to Mistress Nyx was the best, I rank the session with Mistress Roxy the lowest. I'm in contact with other sissies and read about their visits to Nursery Thymes, HappyNappy and Silverspoon Nursery (the latter is either out of business or they changed their name, which is a pity for the reviews were very good). Hoping to get a response this time.
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