Where Do Views Come From?
As far as cappies and stories.
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I know Replies are from logged in members who choose to comment. Where do the large number of views come from? Are they logged in members who read and don't comment?

I was thinking they are from non members who access the site and read things, but they can't comment. Perhaps they are a combination of both the above ideas?

Baby Butch
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I'd really like to know this as well. Is a view from a logged-in SK member, or anyone who reads the thread?

I've heard people say one or the other, and I'm not sure. There are millions of hits on the site every year, but there is nowhere near that many views counted on the threads, so I thought maybe only logged-in members count as a view.
Baby Butch
Anyone know the answer? My guess is that views are from visitors who can read and access a lot but not comment or go to Sissy Spaces.
I believe that views come from anybody who's been on a thread a long time, wether or not they comment. that's how alot of other forums do it and I don't see why SK would be any different.
It's a simple page views counter, whenever someone loads the page it goes up. Some forums are not public and they are only viewed by members, public forums have views from logged in members, non-logged in members and non-members.
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Yes it counts anyone that views the thread no matter if they are logged in or not. Though we get millions of hits a year, that's scattered depending on who chooses to view a thread, and how many threads they look at.
Baby Butch
Thank you Christie and the others for answering my question about views. I am happy with the views, they show many thousands of people are viewing my stories and cappies. Thank you for those who choose to log in and comment. This is what makes our work worth taking the time to do, I also enjoy it.
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