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Hello everyone, I'm not sure how to start this thread. My girlfriend and I have been exploring recently. Well she's been exploring and I get carried along for the ride which has been wonderful. Recently she has talked about feminization and it's got me very excited. I just don't know where to begin, I've worn her clothes before, but we both want, her more then me, to go all out. I just have no idea what to do, where to shop, what to wear, how to act or even what toys to use.

She has some ideas and I will do whatever she wants but I would like to suprise her sometime.Any advice/tips would be great.
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Baby Butch
You are lucky to have such a nice girlfriend, Just go along with her and enjoy. Welcome to Sissy Kiss, have her turn you into a little girl sissy baby. Just hand her some diapers and rubber panties, she will take care of the rest. : )
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Wow, you sound so lucky! Just get her the materials and have her do the rest. Pretend to resist lol.
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Leslie Ann
Welcome to SK! If your going along for the fun of it, go with it. There is a mind set to everything one does and if your BOTH enjoying it, then no harm no foul.

I think a good place to start is a mutual look or mind set. AB, sissy maid, little girl or girl girl lover. Once you've decided upon what look your going for your shopping choices will easier.

So the questions are as follows (not a solid rule but a rough guideline)
1. What do you both like to see? Lingerie fetish, full dress up or maybe a style (a few mentioned above). Get some catalogs (even JC Penny works) and decide what you like and don't like. Do this together. I find that 75% of the fun is in the shopping.

2. Toys are a personal preferance, what do you want to achive? Something shared, she uses on you or you on her. Again the idea of a catalog or on line shop viewed together will round this out.

3. The important thing is to sit and talk, be serious and honest with one another. Believe it or not there is alot of joy to be gained by embrasing your feminine side. The cheap shot...

Biologically we all start out as girls, some bodies go the extra mile but there is a bit of girl inside every guy; nothing wrong with giving her a little out and about time.

Enjoy your adventures and again welcome.
Thanks for the lovely responses, they're very comforting. Personally I'm very curious about the lingerie aspect, I was allowed to try on her panties a little while ago and we both had a lot of fun. We're also eager to try some mutually pleasing toys. For now everything else is up in the air.
Such a lucky girl to have a girlfriend like that. Forced feminization is only fun when it's "forced" ;). Enjoy yourself!
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It's always more fun when someone else is in control
the toys r a fair trade for u2 i am sure she knows what is best for the 2 of u
likes my fanny in warm hands and to be foundle by anyone you would like to play .
Hope you both have fun, and this is the perfect place to seek information or advice. Certainly, the most important thing is too keep the fun mutual.
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