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Hi Christie, or anyone who knows,

With the upcoming changes to software and the new Sissy Spaces, will our network connections, blog, and comments be lost... or preserved? The change is coming soon (and you're probably really busy Christie Luv!), but I've just been going through my old messages (I wasn't around for a while) and accepting network requests... but now I realized they might be lost soon anyway?

It's not a big deal... I'll just wait until afterward to mess around.   Thankies!
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~*Christie Luv*~
Hi hun! Yeah if you want to you'll need to type or write down any friends that are in your network to remember who to network with afterwards. Unfortunately Zoints didn't make an integration to where we can pass any info over to that new software we are using, but we will have a fun friends feature on our new Sissy Spaces, like the network we have now.

To do it all quickly you can "Copy & Paste" any friends, blogs, comments you want to save into any text file on your computer. Like Microsoft Word, Notepad, etc.

Here is a page that shows people how to copy and paste things on web pages: *Link*
Thank-you for clarifying, Christie!  

I hope the software transition goes smoothly for you! I'm curious to see what new pink knobbles we have to tweak.  
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