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PG unpotty trianing
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hi fellow sissies:

well it was hard but im finally unpotty trained well at least at home smiles. LOl hard at work to remember to go in the potty smiles. the biggest thing for me to over come was pooping but daddy helped me and now i just go smiles. today was the first real day where i went with out haveing to think about it LOL though i think daddy may be regretting the poopy diapers now giggles but i feel im finally the baby i should be.

does anyone else feel this way? smiles let me know 
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Hay well done. I intend to, once i get my own place its going to be one of the first things that i do :)
im working on it.... right now i still have to force myself
I think it would be kind of interesting to be a young incontinent woman, but it would seem to be less desirable to be a middle aged to senior incontinent woman. So I don't want to do something to myself that I would regret later. Plus, the daily diapers forums suggest that it's actually kind of a pain. But I can see both sides of it
i have always like playing it them but when is started to need them because of leaking it was just natural to wear them. my are not not so baby its more about how well they work and when you need 4 to 5 a day easy. but baby plastic pant add allot to the look even over disposables.
life is to short to stand in a line for the potty, diaper are for big girls too
luvs and kisses toddlerAnne
id suggest none should attmept to unpotty train unlesss they really want it cos in many cases if yo uget to the point where you cant tell if youve gone its almost impossible to get bak to controll again. just aword of caution brothers and sisters
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