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I-I found this site a couple days ago and decided to join after a little debating with myself. Here are some things about me in case anyone wants to get to know me more.

-I've been into diapers as long as I can remember.
-I only decided to become a sissy about a year ago.
-I don't just enjoy girly things despite me being a sissy baby. I enjoy Skyrim, Yugioh, Star Wars, Dragons, Mythology, Bionicle, Winnie the Pooh, Tomas the Tank Engine, and many other things.
-As for what girly things I like, I like My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, frilly dresses, stuffed animals, and a little bit of makeup.
-I love to rp and am always up for one if I get to be a diapered sissy baby. I am horrible at playing the caretaker.

So...yeah. Just wanted to say hello, share some facts about me, and hopefully make some friends down below.
May Ra give you guidance, Horus give you leadership, Toth give you knowledge, Isis give you wisdom, and Osiris give you resolve.
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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby. Nice job with the detailed introduction and what you like. Hope you find others with the same interests on this site. I like diapers and other babyish things.

      Baby Butch : )
Thanks! Love your Winnie the Pooh avatar btw.
May Ra give you guidance, Horus give you leadership, Toth give you knowledge, Isis give you wisdom, and Osiris give you resolve.
Baby Butch
@ Zillabrony13
 Cool, I love the Avatar too! I chose it the day I joined and never thought of changing it to a new one. I see you are in 2 role plays. Have fun on the site!
Princess Jaina
Hiya Zillabrony...

I'm a little late here, been going through a rough patch.  But I just wanted to welcome you to Sissy Kiss in any case, and let you know that I have a lot in common with the interests you listed above....

Lifelong diaper lover, just like you.
Had sissy, girlish feelings off and on for much of my life, but only fairly recently took the plunge and joined Sissy Kiss a few years ago.
Love pretty dresses and stuffed animals.  Pretty dolls too.  Want to experiment with makeup but haven't tried it yet.
Fan of My Little Pony, though what I really love is Disney, all the classic Disney Princess fairy tale movies, included new stuff like Descendants!
Also a big fan of Star Wars, fantasy (including dragons!), mythology (Greek/Roman and Norse mainly)
I also love to RP as a diapered sissy girl, not always a baby though.  Not a very good caretaker either.

Anyway, it looks like you've settled in nicely and found some friends to RP with, which is great.

Take care,
Have courage and be kind... and may the Force be with you, always! 
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