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I've wanted to be a girl all my life it's not even what I would consider a well kept secret. I've been on hormones for a while now and everyone of my friends know, my boss, coworkers, some of the regulars have figured it out. Now we're at the final boss fight I suppose you could say... confronting my mother.

She's known since I was like 6 that I was pretty fem, much rather play with my sister's dolls than cars and stuff. And didn't really encourage it. Lots of my past has been kinda repressed and blocked off but the pieces I can sort through aren't really encouraging. I remember seeing therapists and stuff that had the goal of trying to 'cure' me rather than understand which really has caused some blocks later on in my transitioning. I'm actually more afraid to walk out of the house in a skirt than I am to play with a gasoline fire... heh...

But I figure the best way to work through some of these demons is to flat out confront her and give her a piece of my mind. We haven't spoken in like 6 years after she dumped me in Arizona with a pile of school loans and my dad had to help bail me out. I still have the defaulted loans but at least I'm not stranded in Arizona. Prove to myself that she's a lying manipulative bitch and everything that she's told me isn't true and there is no reasonable reason to be afraid of her or her lies...

She says she's gone through counseling and is better and wants to apologize for the pain she's caused me and that nothing can make up for that... but she has a LONG and, illustrious history of telling people what they want to hear in order to get what they want so I'm not really buying that one. I learned a lot of my manipulative tricks from her and have used them to goad her into coming up. Her and my sister were going to come up in October of last year for some type of a reconciliation but that got called off when I tried to make it clear that I didn't want to talk about the TG angle first and she was like well if you won't talk I won't come I don't want to see the fake face you show to the rest of the world. I wear makeup to work, I'm not sure how 'fake' my face is compared to my 'true' face that I wear in the house but whatever. But now the challenge is issued and she will be taking some time off of work at some point deal with me.

Yea I say deal with me because I have no intentions of sitting down nicly and talking to her, if she wants civility she's going to have to prove it. I intend to treat it like the end game boss fight and come out flying with every mental attack in my arsenal keeping her off balance and pummeling her into submission. It's kind of ironic given that I'm pretty submissive myself and prefer to be a baby or toddler over any kind of adult, and I'm pretty sure she's half the reason for that but, this isn't just any fight, it's the ultimate showdown between mother and daughter. I have no doubt that it will be something out of a Lifetime Movie of the week, I'll make sure to make another post attached to this one after the dust settles

Luv for now, just wanted to get this off my chest while I'm still pumped.
warm, wet, and happy. I love being in my diapers!
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You are not alone in your fears. I bet there's alot of us that share the same fears and desires.
I personally have been caught crossdressing several times. and though nothing other then embaressment has occured there's still a fear of letting people know i don't like being male and wish otherwise, family is alot different fear to friends and aqcuaintences. You can move on if friends don't want to have anything to do with you, but if your family or parent's/siblings specifically don't approve you have to live with that.

It doesn't seem that she really is accepting or has changed, rather as u said is just sucking up in a vain attempt to get closer and try to change your mind.

You should to go with your heart, as it appears you have.
Hugs XXX Babstephx
Well just as an update in case anyone actually cares. My mother has still not given me a reply with an idea as to when she'll be coming up for this certainly to be ugly confrontation...

On the flip side a former roommate asked if he could move back in which prompted me having to sorta let him into this secret world that I live in now. He knows that I'm trans and that I'm into age play, but I don't think he's quite sorted out what that truly entails. But he's seen me in a tanktop and bra, wearing makeup, wearing my paci and drinking from a sipper. And I'm pretty sure he's seen my plastic pants and / or diaper poke out from my pants while I walk around the house without making any comments.

Well he did ask what was up with the pacifier and I said that it calms me down and keeps me from going homicidal after a bad day at work and he was just like 'ah, good... i don't wanna get killed'

^.^ Still luv Rina
warm, wet, and happy. I love being in my diapers!
Ah so as a little update my mother has finally text me back a date, it's not going to be until July. That kinda sucks as a lot of my anger has burned off in this waiting game, but i am confident i can get some more before then. we had a little discussion via text and it went alright... ish, so i am a little nervous about this one but the first week of August i'm taking my first vacation in years so i'll have that time to cleanse myself of any bad vibes she leaves.

And i told two of my coworker's i'm an AB because that's what this vacation trip pertains too and they were asking questions about where i was going and the like. Both of them were cool with it and were asking more odder questions but, given they already knew i was trans and wore a collar i don't think anything i could do at this point would really give them a shock i am just me...

warm, wet, and happy. I love being in my diapers!

 given they already knew i was trans and wore a collar i don't think anything i could do at this point would really give them a shock i am just me...


my sentiments exactly.

as for your mother, thats a different story. mothers can be so unreasonable sometimes. my mom refused to talk about it when i told her a couple years ago, and still to this day she wont speak a word on the subject. i hope everything goes well. keep us posted.


i am brittany her royal puffiness!!!

im officially in love with the color pink.

*hugs and kisses for all*
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