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I realized in another thread that this experience on its own probably should be mentioned separately.

I've worn diapers for a day or two at a time (weekends or holidays when I didn't have to work), and for a few days at a time on vacation, but once I did do the whole "24/7" thing diapered and crossdressed and living as much as a little girl as I could.

I thought I'd share that story.

It was about 2 years ago.  I'd basically gotten an incredible deal on lodging through my employer.  I could afford 2 weeks at a cabin or lodge room at a state park for only a few hundred dollars.  The catch was it had to be in the middle of winter, when they had trouble filling the rooms.

I sensed an opportunity, and was bold about it.  I booked two weeks at a cabin in the woods, intentionally going for a remote cabin as far away from others as possible.  I scheduled two weeks of vacation, and I made my plans.

When the time came, I woke up that morning and changed my overnight diaper for a diaper during the day (I wear a diaper at night, but panties during the day usually, so diapering for the day was something different).  I took my luggage, and the other things I'd packed, loaded my car, and I got dressed in a simple pair of sweatpants and T-shirt and drove an hour and a half to the state park where my cabin was.

I checked in, got my key, and went out to the cabin.  I had brought with me two weeks worth of groceries so I wouldn't need to go out.  

I brought two weeks worth of female clothing.  The only gender-neutral clothing I had was the sweatpants and t-shirt I brought, and once I was in a dress I went back out to my car and put that in the trunk.  I brought no panties with me, just several bags of "brief" style disposable adult diapers (no pull-ups for this little girl!)

I spent two weeks as a little girl on her own in that cabin.  Watching My Little Pony and Disney movies most of the time, lots of bubble baths and playing with dolls, I enjoyed fires in the fireplace (not a very little girl thing to do, building fires, but I had to make concessions to reality like that, and fixing my own food).  I dressed as a total sissy, with frilly little girl dresses and generally awash in a sea of pink and pastels for those two weeks.

Yeah, I was fully diapered the whole time.  I am proud to say I didn't use the potty at all until I got home from my vacation and switched back to panties.

My thoughts on the diapering 24/7.

I don't mind #1 in my diaper 24/7 at all.  I learned to trust my diapers, that I can flood them and they'll take it and keep taking more, and I learned that if I just relax and learn to not hold it in it will dribble out on its own and my diapers can last much of the day like that.  After a couple of days I had basically relaxed my bladder to the point that I was de-facto incontinent (not truly, as in I could hold it in if I tried, but I would wet and not feel any need before doing so as I'd relaxed and let go on all those muscles so I had very little control while padded).  I'm sure that in a long-term living there are ways it would be awkward and inconvenient (going to the beach or pool, for example), but in the short term I found it fun and liked to be diapered constantly, for #1 at least.

I actually almost did have an accident or two in my panties after I got home, I was so used to relaxing my bladder that I felt myself starting to pee in my panties and had to consciously clench my bladder and stop it.  It happened a couple of times that first day back in panties, but didn't create any long term problems.

Now about #2.  I normally don't poo in my diapers at all, but I thought I'd test it for this time out.  That, I didn't like.  I didn't like the feeling, I didn't like the smell, and that was the quickest way to break the fun.  I was tempted to sit on the big girl potty for my #2's, but I kept reminding myself I wear diapers, and the big girl potty is for girls who wear panties. . .and I don't see any panties around here.  I wear diapers, so I use diapers.
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I love making poo!  It makes me feel so helpless and dependent.

I hate making poo!  Yuck!  Gotta clean up!

That said, I recommend a complete shave of the sissy area before even thinking about it.
Sounds like you had a wonderful time :)
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