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I just went out with a 22 year old girl who asked to hang out with me and a friend of mine....and so I was a little excited....and looking forward to the night.....however the night did not go as planned.

we start the night off with me driving to her apartment. On time...she asked me to go to KFC...she's I drive her there...she gets a meal and then we go to the friend's house and he has a 7 year old daughter and we are chilling in the kitchen as the 7 year old is chilling in her you have  the "Father" me and this girl. 
 we talk about anything and everything then she says to me..."Can I hit you?...and am I wearing steel toe boots?...I'm like yea I'm wearing steel toe boots and  she kicks me,punches me in the arm .and says I remind her of an ex of hers due to my "HAIR LINE"
I'm laughing my friend is tickling her and we're smoking weed...and she's not smoking weed but me and my friend 
she insults me all night and then tells me at the end of the night.
Thank you for a great night.(really?...)
Keli1980 is a baby girl to the right girl
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